Abdu Rozik Wife Who Is Abdu Rozik Married To?

Abdu Rozik has taken an exciting step in his personal life by announcing the date and venue for his forthcoming marriage to fiancee Leanne McLaughlin. Rozik’s announcement sparked excitement amongst his millions of fans worldwide who can look forward to embarking upon life-long journey together! This news caused great delight for his many supporters worldwide!

A Joyous Announcement

At 20 years old, Abdu Rozik made his joyful announcement via an emotional Instagram video post that displayed both shock and excitement about finding true love that transcended any obstacles previously presented in his life. July 7 will mark Abdu’s wedding to 19-year-old bride-to-be from Sharjah United Arab Emirates – something Abdu was looking forward to celebrating by his joyful announcement!

The Symbol of Love

A Mark of Love As part of his announcement, Abdu also gave his followers a sneak peak of the beautiful diamond ring he selected for his future wife – not only as an expression of his deep affection but as a promise to a lifelong partnership he expects with their partner he made public through social media posts he uploaded announcing this news. Diamond is known for its durability and brilliance – its choice mirroring this strength within their prospective marital bond.

Venue and Visions

Though the exact location of Abdu and Jamilah’s wedding remains undisclosed, we do know it will take place somewhere within the UAE. In his interview with Khaleej Times, Abdu expressed his anticipation and excitement at beginning such an important chapter of his life anew, showing deep appreciation for both love they’ve found each other and looking ahead towards married life together with an optimistic view on life as husband-and-wife duo.

A Star Beyond Social Media

Abdu Rozik first rose to fame through his engaging presence on social media, where he amassed over eight million followers. This success led him to join reality show Bigg Boss 15 where his personality and talents could be showcased to an international audience. Beyond social media fame, Abdu Rozik is widely revered for his musical abilities which resonated with fans around the world.


Abdu Rozik stands as an inspiring testament to love and resilience as his story becomes one of love, companionship and mutual respect with his soon-to-be bride, which marks an exciting stage in his life journey. Fans and well-wishers from around the globe eagerly anticipate July 7 when Abdu makes this commitment as engaging as his music or personality is shared with all.


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