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England cricketers Alexandra Hartley and Kate Cross recently added a new layer of excitement to the well-known rivalry between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Known for their on-field prowess and off-field camaraderie, the duo engaged in some light-hearted banter on social media, capturing the attention of cricket fans worldwide.

What Sparked the Hilarious Exchange Between Hartley and Cross?

The amusing interaction began when a fan questioned Hartley on Twitter about her relationship status with Cross. The fan asked, “@AlexHartley93 and @katecross16 are you dating?” This prompted Hartley to respond with a witty remark that playfully highlighted the intense IPL rivalry between their favorite teams.

How Did Hartley Use the RCB vs. CSK Rivalry in Her Response?

Hartley, a staunch supporter of Virat Kohli-led Royal Challengers Bangalore, replied, “As if I would ever date a CSK fan…” along with a vomit emoji. This humorous response not only entertained their followers but also emphasized the playful nature of their friendship and their loyalty to their respective IPL teams.

What Was Kate Cross’s Reaction to Hartley’s Tweet?

Cross, known for her quick wit, did not miss the opportunity to respond to Hartley’s banter. She tweeted back, “You shouldn’t love someone for the colour shirt they wear in the IPL Alex..” This clever retort added another layer to their entertaining exchange, showcasing their strong bond and shared sense of humor.

How Did the “No Balls” Podcast Celebrate Its Anniversary?

The interaction between Hartley and Cross coincided with the one-year anniversary of their podcast, “No Balls.” Celebrating this milestone, Hartley tweeted, “Well a year on… still no equipment, still no planning but a whole lot of fun. Proud of us @katecross16.” The podcast, known for its candid conversations and cricket insights, has garnered a loyal following over the past year.

Did Hartley and Cross Extend an Invite to Virat Kohli?

In a bid to add more excitement to their podcast, Hartley and Cross extended a Twitter invite to RCB and India captain Virat Kohli. Cross tweeted, “Hey, @imVkohli would you like to come on @NoBallsTCP? It would make @AlexHartley93 very happy!” This tweet was a playful nod to Hartley’s admiration for Kohli. Hartley responded with laughing emojis, adding, “if you don’t ask, you don’t get! @imVkohli I know you’re busy playing cricket and having a baby… but fancy it?”

What Is Virat Kohli’s Current Engagement?

At the time of the interaction, Virat Kohli was in Australia for India’s tour Down Under. He was set to lead India in the ODI and T20 International series against Australia. However, Kohli was scheduled to return to India after the first Test in Adelaide to be with his wife, Anushka Sharma, as they anticipated the birth of their first child in January.

How Do Hartley and Cross Influence the Cricket Community?

Hartley and Cross have significantly influenced the cricket community, not only through their performances on the field but also through their engaging social media presence and podcast. Their ability to blend humor with cricket insights has resonated with fans, making them beloved figures in the sport.

What Makes Their Podcast, “No Balls,” Unique?

The “No Balls” podcast stands out for its unscripted and spontaneous nature. Hartley and Cross often discuss various aspects of cricket, share personal anecdotes, and invite guests from the cricketing world. This approach has made the podcast a favorite among listeners who appreciate its authenticity and relatability.

Conclusion: The Endearing Friendship of Hartley and Cross

The friendship between Alexandra Hartley and Kate Cross is a testament to the camaraderie that cricket fosters. Their playful banter, combined with their dedication to the sport, has endeared them to fans across the globe. By intertwining their personal interests with their professional lives, they continue to bring joy and laughter to the cricketing community. The recent Twitter exchange, highlighting the IPL rivalry, is just one example of how they effortlessly blend humor with their love for the game.


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