Angel Hernandez Net Worth, Salary, Family, Career & More

If you’re a baseball fan, the name Angel Hernandez likely evokes strong reactions. This veteran umpire is a lightning rod for controversy, often at the center of heated debates about the quality of officiating in Major League Baseball (MLB). Despite the criticism, Hernandez enjoys a significant salary and numerous benefits. This article delves into the financial aspects of Hernandez’s career, his earnings, and the factors contributing to his seemingly untouchable status.

How Much Does Angel Hernandez Earn?

Angel Hernandez’s base salary is quite substantial. As a seasoned umpire with over 25 years of experience, Hernandez earns a base salary of $400,000 annually. This amount is set to increase to $430,000 upon reaching 30 years of service. His salary places him among the higher-paid umpires in MLB, reflecting his long tenure in the league.

What Additional Income Does Hernandez Receive?

In addition to his base salary, Hernandez receives a share of MLB’s annual television deals. This additional income contributes another $30,000 to his yearly earnings. Furthermore, postseason assignments come with significant bonuses, potentially adding tens of thousands more to his income depending on the event. These additional earnings highlight the lucrative nature of umpiring at the highest levels of baseball.

Why Does Hernandez Remain Unfazed by Criticism?

One might wonder why Hernandez appears unaffected by the constant criticism of his performance. The answer lies in the complex labor contracts and legal protections in place for MLB umpires. The current umpire union contract makes it extremely difficult to discipline or dismiss veteran umpires, regardless of their performance. This contract ensures job security for umpires like Hernandez, shielding them from the consequences of their controversial calls.

How Does Hernandez’s Lawsuit Affect His Position?

Adding to the complexity of Hernandez’s situation is his ongoing lawsuit against MLB. Hernandez alleges that he has been discriminated against based on his Cuban-American ethnicity, particularly concerning postseason assignments and crew chief positions. This lawsuit has further tied MLB’s hands, making it challenging to address the criticisms directed at Hernandez. The legal battle underscores the broader issues of diversity and fairness within the league.

Could Hernandez Be a Catalyst for Umpiring Reform?

The frustrations expressed by fans and players have sparked discussions about the need for umpiring reform in MLB. Social media is flooded with calls for greater accountability and stricter performance standards for umpires. With the current umpire contract set to expire this winter, there is potential for significant changes in the upcoming agreement. MLB might push for reforms that include stricter performance evaluations and more rigorous accountability measures.

Would a Generous Retirement Package Encourage Hernandez to Retire?

One possible solution to the ongoing debate is offering a more generous retirement package to veteran umpires like Hernandez. Such an incentive could encourage older umpires to consider stepping away, making room for new talent and potentially improving the overall quality of officiating in MLB. The idea of using retirement incentives as a means to address performance issues is gaining traction among those seeking change in the league.

What Is the Future of Angel Hernandez in MLB?

Despite the financial benefits and legal protections, the debate about Angel Hernandez and his impact on the game is far from over. Hernandez’s presence on the baseball diamond remains a source of frustration for many, but it also serves as a catalyst for potential reform in the world of MLB umpiring. As the league negotiates its next umpire contract, the future of officiating standards and accountability may see significant changes.


Angel Hernandez is a polarizing figure in MLB, known for his controversial calls and the strong reactions they elicit from fans and players. Despite this, he enjoys a lucrative salary and additional earnings from TV deals and postseason assignments. The legal and contractual protections in place have made it challenging to address the criticisms against him. However, Hernandez’s situation has sparked discussions about the need for umpiring reform, with potential changes on the horizon in the next umpire contract. Whether through retirement incentives or stricter performance standards, the future of MLB officiating may be shaped significantly by the ongoing debate surrounding Angel Hernandez.

The discussion around Angel Hernandez highlights the complexities of balancing performance, accountability, and legal protections in professional sports. As MLB navigates these challenges, the decisions made in the coming months will likely have a lasting impact on the league and its approach to officiating. For now, Hernandez remains a fixture on the baseball diamond, his presence both a point of contention and a potential catalyst for change.


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