Antonio Pierce Wife, Get Complete Details All About Jocelyn Pierce

Antonio Pierce, the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, is facing significant financial challenges. Pierce, who was hired as the full-time head coach in January 2024, has an estimated net worth of $12 million. At 45 years old, Pierce’s financial troubles were brought to light when his wife, Jocelyn Pierce, filed for bankruptcy, revealing over $28 million in judgments against him.

What Led to the Bankruptcy Filing?

Jocelyn Pierce, a realtor, filed for bankruptcy on June 12, 2024, in Phoenix. The filing, which surfaced via sports law reporter Jason Morrin, stated that Antonio Pierce was a guarantor for loans taken out for several car dealerships he invested in during the 2010s. These investments, however, defaulted, leading to significant financial liabilities.

How Did the Car Dealership Investments Affect Pierce?

Antonio Pierce’s investments in car dealerships turned problematic when the businesses failed to meet their financial obligations. Court documents revealed that Pierce, despite being a passive investor without management oversight, had signed personal guarantees on the loans. As a result, when the dealerships defaulted, Pierce was held accountable for the debts.

What Are the Details of the Judgments?

The bankruptcy filing highlighted that Pierce was named as a guarantor for judgments from Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation amounting to $23 million and Hyundai Capital America holding a $4.5 million judgment. These companies have attempted to garnish Pierce’s wages to satisfy the debts.

How Has Jocelyn Pierce Responded?

In the bankruptcy filing, Jocelyn Pierce claimed she did not sign any personal guarantees on the loans. She requested an extension to file the necessary documents, stating that the bankruptcy was filed quickly to protect her assets and those of the marital community from Antonio Pierce’s creditors. This move indicates an urgent attempt to shield their assets from being seized.

What Are the Implications for Antonio Pierce’s Career?

Pierce, a former Super Bowl-winning linebacker with the New York Giants in 2008, has yet to publicly address the financial situation. His tenure as the Raiders’ head coach began positively, leading the team to a 5-4 record at the end of the 2023 season and fostering a strong locker room culture. However, this financial turmoil could pose distractions and challenges as he continues his coaching career.

How Did Pierce Rise to His Current Position?

Antonio Pierce’s journey to becoming the head coach of the Raiders is notable. After a successful playing career, including a Pro Bowl selection, Pierce transitioned into coaching. He took over as interim head coach for the Raiders in 2023 after the dismissal of Josh McDaniels. His leadership and ability to connect with players earned him the permanent role in January 2024.

What is the Current Status of the Bankruptcy Filing?

As of now, the bankruptcy proceedings are ongoing. Jocelyn Pierce has requested more time to prepare and file the required documents, aiming to protect their assets. This development suggests that the Pierces are actively seeking ways to manage their financial liabilities and avoid further losses.

What Does the Future Hold for Antonio Pierce and the Raiders?

The financial difficulties faced by Antonio Pierce are significant, but they do not necessarily dictate his future success as a head coach. His ability to navigate this personal challenge while maintaining his professional responsibilities will be crucial. The Raiders’ organization and fans will undoubtedly be watching closely to see how Pierce manages this adversity.


Antonio Pierce’s current financial predicament, stemming from past investments in car dealerships, has put him in the spotlight for reasons beyond football. With over $28 million in judgments against him, the situation is complex and challenging. However, Pierce’s resilience and leadership qualities, demonstrated throughout his career, will be essential as he works through this financial crisis. The support from his wife, Jocelyn, and their strategic management of the bankruptcy process will play a critical role in determining their financial future. As the head coach of the Raiders, Pierce’s ability to stay focused and lead his team will be tested, but his proven track record suggests he can rise above these challenges.


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