Benjamin Bratt Wife Who Is Benjamin Bratt Married To?

Benjamin Bratt has long been one of the most beloved figures in Hollywood, captivating audiences through dynamic performances in both film and television. From roles on Law & Order and Miss Congeniality to Traffic and CoCo he continues to surprise and win new fans while cementing his legacy. Now 60, Bratt recently made an impactful comeback appearance in Netflix’s Mother of the Bride as one who finds out his son will marry daughter of former flame; many viewers of which may also have questions regarding Bratt’s personal life including ongoing relationship with actress Talisa Soto.

Benjamin Bratt and Talisa Soto get married!

Benjamin Bratt and Talisa Soto began their love story back in 2002 after meeting each other through Hollywood entertainment circles and experiencing instantaneous attraction. Following an official wedding ceremony held in San Francisco that year, their marriage has stood the test of time; Talisa Soto, best known for playing Bond girl Lupe Lamora on License to Kill became an essential figure in Bratt’s life and career while their partnership blossomed both personally and professionally.

Mateo Bravery and Sophia Rosalinda, whom they share as proud parents. Together they prioritize family time and ensure that the kids remain the focal points in their lives. Their marriage has served as an exemplar to others for its commitment built upon mutual respect, love, and laughter.

Secrets to Maintain a Long Lasting Marriage

Benjamin Bratt shared insights into his 20-year marriage with Talisa Soto during an appearance on Today with Hoda & Jenna in January 2023, emphasizing their shared values and deep affection as the foundations of their lasting bond.

“The secret is simple,” Bratt exclaimed with a wink, “we just like each other a lot! Our kids are at the core of everything that happens.” She makes him laugh; she’s funny yet kind; reminds him every day just how fortunate he is.”

Bratt expressed his sincerest thanks to his wife for all of her unwavering support and humor in keeping their relationship light-hearted and enjoyable. Additionally, he thanked her for being “such a beauty”, emphasizing how fortunate he feels to have her as part of his life.

Benjamin Bratt’s Recent Projects

Bratt remains as vibrant and versatile as his marriage, exploring an impressive repertoire of roles. His latest film “Mother of the Bride”, now streaming on Netflix, provides viewers with an entertaining tale of love, laughter and reconciliation starring alongside Brooke Shields and Miranda Cosgrove in this romantic comedy film about an unlikely reunion when her daughter becomes engaged to one of his former lovers’ sons.

Alongside his outstanding role on Mother of the Bride, Bratt also garnered attention with his performance on Rian Johnson’s mystery-comedy series Poker Face on Peacock Television. Starring Natasha Lyonne as lead, Rian Johnson created this mystery-comedy program and cast Bratt in one of several notable roles who added depth and intrigue. Bratt earned recognition due to his diverse and challenging roles that demonstrated his adaptability across different genres and proved popular with audiences everywhere he appeared.


Benjamin Bratt continues to charm audiences while maintaining an idyllic personal life that includes marriage and two amazing children with Talisa Soto. Their longstanding partnership has shown the value of mutual respect, humor and deep connection – which fans of his work will no doubt recognize from projects such as Mother of the Bride and Poker Face where we see more of his talent on screen! His dedication to his craft as well as undying affection for his family have cemented Bratt as one of Hollywood’s enduring and beloved stars!


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