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Eric Eddings, 35, and Brittany Luse, 34, are back with a fresh take on their acclaimed podcast “For Colored Nerds.” Following the tumultuous end of their previous show, “The Nod,” and a highly publicized departure from Gimlet Media, the duo has returned with a renewed vision and a podcasting deal that ensures they retain full ownership and creative control. With this new venture, they aim to reshape the landscape of Black culture podcasts.

What Led to the Breakup of “The Nod”?

In February 2020, Eddings and Luse made headlines when Eddings tweeted allegations of racial discrimination and harassment at Gimlet Media. These allegations pointed to systemic issues within the company, including the overwhelming whiteness of staff and the problematic behavior of certain colleagues. This revelation led to an intense period of reflection and uncertainty about their future in the industry.

How Did Eric Eddings and Brittany Luse Start Their Podcasting Journey?

Eddings and Luse met at Howard University over 15 years ago. Eddings, from Memphis, was studying advertising, while Luse, from Farmington Hills, Michigan, was focused on film. Their shared sense of humor and passion for deep, provocative conversations led them to create their first podcast, “For Colored Nerds,” in 2014. This show became a platform for discussing Black culture and issues with candor and insight.

What Was the Impact of “The Nod” and Why Did It End?

“The Nod,” a podcast about unsung figures in Black history, was launched by Gimlet Media in 2017. Despite its critical acclaim, Eddings and Luse faced constant challenges, including being overworked and frequently having to justify their creative choices to management. Their frustrations peaked during Gimlet’s unionization efforts, where they experienced hostility and resistance from the company’s leadership. This culminated in their departure from Gimlet in January 2020, ending “The Nod” podcast but not their determination to continue their work.

What Is the Vision Behind the New “For Colored Nerds”?

The new “For Colored Nerds,” co-produced and distributed by Stitcher, marks a significant shift. Eddings and Luse have full ownership and creative control over the show, a rarity in the podcasting industry. This new version of the podcast promises to deliver playfully erudite conversations on hot topics in Black culture, featuring interviews with celebrities and newsmakers. The partnership with Stitcher began when the company’s former CFO, Sarah van Mosel, saw Eddings’s viral Twitter thread and reached out.

How Are Eric Eddings and Brittany Luse Redefining Their Careers?

For Eddings and Luse, the new podcast is more than just a show; it’s a professional reset and a statement of their values. They insist on maintaining their creative freedom and ensuring that their work environment is respectful and supportive. This commitment is evident in their new deal with Stitcher, where they negotiated ownership of their distribution feed and intellectual property.

What Can Listeners Expect from the New “For Colored Nerds”?

The rebooted “For Colored Nerds” will be a weekly podcast featuring a mix of interviews and talk-show games with notable guests. The first episode, already released, includes an interview with Jay Ellis from “Insecure.” Future episodes will feature prominent figures like Nikole Hannah-Jones, discussing topics like The New York Times’s “1619 Project.” The show aims to continue its tradition of insightful and entertaining discussions, now with the added security of full creative control.

Why Is Ownership Important in Podcasting?

Eddings and Luse’s insistence on owning their content is a significant move in an industry where intellectual property is typically guarded by major media companies. This ownership ensures that they have the final say in their creative decisions and how their content is distributed. It’s a step towards a more equitable media landscape where creators have more control over their work.

What Is the Future of “For Colored Nerds”?

With their new podcast, Eddings and Luse hope to set a precedent for other creators. Their partnership with Stitcher exemplifies a flexible business model that prioritizes the creator’s needs and fosters a supportive environment. They aim to prove that it is possible to produce high-quality, culturally relevant content without compromising on values or creative vision.


Eric Eddings and Brittany Luse’s return with “For Colored Nerds” symbolizes resilience and innovation in the face of adversity. By securing a deal that ensures their creative and intellectual freedom, they are not only reviving their beloved podcast but also paving the way for a more inclusive and creator-friendly media industry. As they navigate this new chapter, their dedication to responsible and impactful storytelling remains unwavering.


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