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Born on August 23, 1995, Cameron Norrie is a British professional tennis player known for his unique playing style and impressive career achievements. Though his hometown is Johannesburg, South Africa, Norrie moved to Auckland, New Zealand, at a very young age where he began playing tennis. Representing New Zealand at the junior level, he achieved a world ranking of No. 10. Norrie’s parents, David and Helen, are British microbiologists, with his father hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, and his mother from Cardiff, England.

When Did Cameron Norrie Turn Professional?

Cameron Norrie turned professional in 2017 at the age of 22. His first senior tournament was the ATP Auckland Open, where he won the first qualifying round but did not progress further. Since turning professional, Norrie has won five ATP titles, including a prestigious Masters 1000 title at the 2021 Indian Wells Masters. His best performance in a Grand Slam came in 2022 when he reached the semi-finals of Wimbledon, where he was defeated by Novak Djokovic.

What is Cameron Norrie’s Current Ranking?

As of 2024, Cameron Norrie is ranked No. 33 in the ATP singles rankings. His career-high ranking came on September 12, 2022, when he reached No. 8 following his outstanding performances that year. At the 2024 French Open, Norrie was eliminated in the first round by Pavel Kotov in a grueling five-set match. He has also won an ATP doubles title and is known for his unorthodox playing style, featuring a unique backswing and expressive stroke play.

Who is Cameron Norrie’s Girlfriend?

Louise Jacobi is the girlfriend of Cameron Norrie. The couple first met in 2019 at a bar in New York City. Initially, Jacobi was hesitant about the relationship due to Norrie’s demanding travel schedule. However, after losing her job later that year, the couple grew closer. Jacobi is a co-founder of two agencies in the United States, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit.

What is Louise Jacobi’s Background?

Louise Jacobi was born on May 15, 1998, in Barcombe, England. She stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 55 kg. Jacobi moved to the United States to pursue her graduation before returning to England to study Textile and Fashion Design. Now an American citizen, she has successfully established herself in the design industry.

What Does Louise Jacobi Do for a Living?

Louise Jacobi is a prominent entrepreneur and businesswoman. She is the founder and creative director of Please “Don’t Touch,” a New York-based interior design company. Additionally, she co-founded Studio Virgo, a luxury design firm located in Santa Barbara, California. Her ventures reflect her passion for design and her ability to succeed in the competitive business world.

How Did Cameron Norrie and Louise Jacobi Meet?

Cameron Norrie and Louise Jacobi met at a bar in New York City in 2019 through a mutual friend. Despite her initial reservations about his travel-heavy lifestyle, Jacobi and Norrie began dating later that year. Their relationship grew stronger, particularly after Jacobi lost her job and joined Norrie at the Vienna Open. The couple has been together since and often keeps their relationship private, although Jacobi has become more open about their romance on social media.

How Long Have Cameron Norrie and Louise Jacobi Been Dating?

Cameron Norrie and Louise Jacobi have been dating since 2019. Their relationship, described by Jacobi as “special” and “unusual,” has seen them supporting each other through various challenges. Jacobi now frequently attends Norrie’s matches, cheering him on from the stands. Their bond continues to strengthen as they navigate the complexities of a high-profile relationship.

What is Louise Jacobi’s Net Worth?

While Louise Jacobi’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, her entrepreneurial success suggests she is financially stable. Her boyfriend, Cameron Norrie, has a net worth estimated at around $6 million. Norrie’s income is bolstered by sponsorship deals with brands like K-Swiss, Babolat, and Rado, further securing their financial future.

What Makes Cameron Norrie’s Playing Style Unique?

Cameron Norrie is known for his unorthodox playing style, which sets him apart on the court. His unique backswing and expressive stroke play contribute to his reputation as a counter-puncher. Norrie’s forehand features a vicious top-spin, while his backhand is more of a push shot, forcing opponents into making errors. This distinctive approach has contributed to his success on the ATP Tour.

What Are Cameron Norrie’s Career Highlights?

Cameron Norrie’s career highlights include winning five ATP titles and a Masters 1000 title at the 2021 Indian Wells Masters. His best Grand Slam performance came at Wimbledon in 2022, where he reached the semi-finals. Norrie has also won an ATP doubles title and achieved a career-high singles ranking of No. 8 in September 2022.

How Does Cameron Norrie’s Personal Life Influence His Career?

Cameron Norrie’s personal life, particularly his relationship with Louise Jacobi, plays a significant role in his career. Jacobi’s support and understanding of the demands of professional tennis provide Norrie with a stable foundation. Their relationship has helped him maintain focus and motivation, contributing to his success on the court.


Cameron Norrie is a remarkable tennis player with a unique playing style and a series of impressive achievements. His relationship with Louise Jacobi adds depth to his personal life, offering support and stability. Together, they navigate the challenges of a high-profile lifestyle, balancing personal and professional commitments. Norrie’s continued dedication to his sport and the support from Jacobi ensure that his career will remain in the spotlight for years to come.


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