Candace Parker Wife, Everything Regarding Anna Petrakova

Candace Parker’s and Anna Petrakova’s journey as wives began when they both were members of UMMC Ekaterinburg, Russia in 2012. Petrakova joined the team in 2012, but Parker had already been established and was playing overseas for the WNBA during the offseason. After a few years of mutual support and camaraderie, their friendship grew.

What was the story of their love?

Parker proposed to Petrakova during a 2019 trip to Mexico. Parker’s daughter Lailaa brought out a cake with the words “Will You Marry Us?” The couple got married in December the same year, but kept their relationship secret until December 2021 when they announced that they were married and expecting their first child. In February 2022, their son Airr Larry Petrakov Parker was born. Lailaa Parker, Parker’s former partner’s daughter, welcomed her new brother with open hearts.

What do we know about Anna Petrakova?

Anna Petrakova comes from a family of basketball players. Her father Viktor played for CSKA Moscow as well as the Soviet national team. In 2002, she moved to the U.S. to study at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Petrakova, who arrived with little English, worked hard to establish herself as a top player and became the Sun Belt Conference’s Player of the year.

She returned to Russia after her college career and played with several teams, before joining UMMC Ekaterinburg where she met Parker. She finished fourth with Russia in the 2012 London Olympics, and won a EuroCup Women’s Championship for Dynamo Kursk. She then transitioned into coaching and served as assistant coach for Russia’s National Team.

What are Petrakova’s interests outside of basketball?

Petrakova is an athlete who enjoys a variety of sports outside basketball. Swimming, yoga, pilates and aerial silk are among her hobbies. In 2016, she tried paddleboarding, and found it a joy to balance on the board while surrounded by warm waters.

How do Parker and Petrakova handle parenthood?

Parker and Petrakova, who have raised two children together in their family, emphasize the importance love and unity. Parker thanks her daughter and wife for their support as she navigates the challenges of motherhood. Petrakova is a mother to Airr and Lailaa who seamlessly blends their families.

Parker and Petrakova will announce their third pregnancy in December 2023. This will be their fourth wedding anniversary. The family took part in a photoshoot with a basketball theme, which included the entire family wearing a onesie. The joy of growing their family is a reflection of the bond between them and their shared commitment to nurturing an enduring home.

What made Parker and Petrakova decide to come out?

In 2021, Parker and Petrakova made their relationship public. They shared their love story as a way to inspire their daughter Lailaa. Parker stressed the importance of honesty and pride in their family. She said that she could not preach self-acceptance without demonstrating these values herself.

Petrakova acknowledged that initially it was difficult to embrace their feelings, but their love endured. They realized that being out would start important conversations, and demonstrate the importance of supportive relationships. They have been able to be themselves and openly share the joys they experience as a family.

What is next for Candace Parker and Anna Petrakova

Parker retired from the WNBA in recent years, but she is still a prominent and influential figure within sports. She will devote her time to her family and other endeavors, while Petrakova remains a supportive mother and partner.

Their love story is a testament to the power of acceptance, connection and unity. It inspires others to build loving, strong families their way. Parker and Petrakova will experience a journey that continues to grow with each milestone they achieve together as they anticipate the birth of their third baby.


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