Catherine Laga’aia Age, 4 Facts About Moana Actress You Should Know

On June 12, Disney announced that Catherine Laga’aia would be playing the titular role in the upcoming live-action Moana movie. The 17-year-old Sydney-born actress, with a net worth of approximately $200,000, is set to make her cinematic debut in this highly anticipated film. Despite being a newcomer to professional acting, Laga’aia has already shown promise with her previous work.

When Was Catherine Laga’aia Cast as Moana?

As early as February 16 of this year, there were reports that Disney had chosen Catherine Laga’aia for the role of Moana. This speculation was bolstered by a post on her father’s Instagram in early May, which hinted at an unnamed “adventure” she was about to embark on, leading many to believe it was related to her casting in Moana.

What Is Catherine Laga’aia’s Acting Background?

Moana Is The First Movie Laga’aia Is In

Before landing the role of Moana, Catherine Laga’aia had only one other professional acting credit. She appeared in three episodes of the Australian series “The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart” in 2023. In this series, she portrayed a young version of Frankie Adams’ character, Candy Blue, in episodes 3 (“Lantern Bush”), 5 (“Dessert Oak”), and 7 (“Sturt’s Desert Pea”). This role marked her entry into the professional acting scene and set the stage for her breakthrough with Disney.

Who Are Catherine Laga’aia’s Family Members?

Her Dad Was in Star Wars

Catherine Laga’aia comes from a family with deep roots in show business. Her father, Jay Laga’aia, is a seasoned actor known for his role as Captain Typho in “Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones” and “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.” Besides his Star Wars fame, Jay Laga’aia hosted a children’s show called “Jay’s Jungle” from 2015 to 2018 and has appeared in Australian series like “Water Rats” and “Bed of Roses.”

What Is Catherine Laga’aia’s Family Like?

She Is One Of Eight Siblings

Catherine is the second-youngest of eight children in the Laga’aia family. Her family is noted for their collective talent, with each member pursuing various artistic endeavors. Her older sister plays netball for the Queensland Firebirds, and two of her brothers have made a name for themselves in the theater world, one having toured with “Hamilton” and the other playing Benny in a production of “Rent.” The Laga’aia family’s artistic achievements are frequently showcased on Jay Laga’aia’s Instagram, highlighting their supportive and creative environment.

Why Is Catherine Laga’aia Excited About Playing Moana?

Laga’aia Has A Personal Connection To Moana

Catherine Laga’aia has expressed her excitement about portraying Moana, a character that resonates deeply with her. In Disney’s press release, she shared that Moana is one of her favorite characters, and she is thrilled to represent young girls who look like her. Laga’aia’s connection to Moana goes beyond the character’s story; it is also rooted in her Polynesian heritage. Her family hails from places like Fa’aala, Palauli, in Savai’i, and Leulumoega Tuai on the main island of ‘Upolu in Samoa, adding a personal layer to her portrayal of Moana.

How Is Catherine Laga’aia Preparing for Moana?

Although specific details about her preparation for the role have not been disclosed, Catherine Laga’aia’s enthusiasm and personal connection to the character suggest she is approaching the role with dedication and passion. Given her family’s background in the arts and her own experiences in school performances, Laga’aia is likely drawing on these experiences to bring authenticity to her portrayal of Moana.

What Can We Expect From The Live-Action Moana Movie?

With Catherine Laga’aia in the lead role, the live-action Moana movie is expected to bring a fresh and authentic perspective to the beloved animated film. Disney’s decision to cast a young actress with a genuine connection to the character’s cultural background reflects their commitment to representation and authenticity. Fans can look forward to seeing Laga’aia bring Moana’s adventurous and determined spirit to life on the big screen.


Catherine Laga’aia’s casting as Moana marks a significant milestone in her budding acting career. Despite her newcomer status, her family’s artistic background and her personal connection to the character make her a promising choice for the role. As anticipation builds for the live-action Moana movie, audiences eagerly await Laga’aia’s portrayal of this iconic character, confident that she will bring depth and authenticity to the role.


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