Chace Crawford Girlfriend, Who Is Chace Crawford Dating in 2024?

Chace Crawford, the renowned actor celebrated for his roles in critically acclaimed and wildly popular projects like The Boys, has always been a subject of intrigue for his fans. While his professional life is well-documented, many fans are eager to learn more about his personal life, especially his romantic relationships. As of June 2024, Chace Crawford is 38 years old and has an estimated net worth of $6 million. But is he currently seeing someone? Let’s delve into his dating status and relationship history.

Is Chace Crawford Dating in 2024?

As of June 2024, Chace Crawford is single. The actor is not currently dating anyone. In a recent Instagram teaser for an episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast with Alex Cooper, Crawford candidly discussed his love life. He confirmed that he is not in a relationship, humorously describing his romantic life as “a dumpster fire.” Additionally, Crawford mentioned that he had recently joined the exclusive dating app Raya, though he confessed that his experience on the app had been far from successful, labeling it as going “terribly.”

Who Has Chace Crawford Dated in the Past?

Chace Crawford has been linked to three public relationships over the years. These include his relationships with Carrie Underwood, Rachelle Goulding, and Rebecca Rittenhouse. Here’s a closer look at his dating history:

Carrie Underwood

Chace Crawford’s first high-profile relationship was with singer Carrie Underwood. The pair reportedly started dating in May 2007 and their relationship lasted until April 2008. Initially, sources close to People Magazine stated that Crawford had ended the relationship. However, there were conflicting reports with the outlet later claiming that it was Underwood who decided to terminate their relationship.

Rachelle Goulding

Following his split from Underwood, Crawford was linked to model Rachelle Goulding. They reportedly began dating in March 2013. Their relationship seemed to be going well until Crawford revealed in July 2014, during an appearance on the Kyle and Jackie O’Show (via E! News), that he and Goulding had amicably parted ways. He mentioned that they had a fun time together, indicating that their split was on friendly terms.

Rebecca Rittenhouse

Chace Crawford’s most recent known relationship was with actress Rebecca Rittenhouse. The duo met on the set of their film Blood & Oil, where they portrayed a couple on screen. Their real-life relationship began in 2015 and lasted for about three years until 2018. Despite keeping their relationship relatively private, the couple’s breakup was confirmed by US Weekly. Interestingly, it appears that they ended things on good terms. In 2020, two years after their breakup, Crawford and Rittenhouse were spotted hanging out together in Los Feliz, with Crawford taking his dog Shiner for a stroll, as reported by Just Jared.

What Has Chace Crawford Said About His Relationships?

Throughout his career, Chace Crawford has maintained a relatively private stance on his personal life. However, he has occasionally opened up about his relationships in interviews. His recent candid discussion on the Call Her Daddy podcast sheds light on his current perspective on dating and relationships. Crawford’s humorous and self-deprecating comments about his love life and his experiences on the dating app Raya offer fans a glimpse into his current mindset and romantic endeavors.

How Has Chace Crawford’s Love Life Affected His Career?

Chace Crawford’s love life has always been a topic of interest for his fans, but it has never overshadowed his professional achievements. Crawford continues to be recognized for his acting prowess, particularly for his role in The Boys. His relationships have often been kept low-key, allowing him to focus on his career without the constant scrutiny of his personal life.


Chace Crawford remains single in 2024, with his recent comments indicating that he is navigating the dating scene with humor and resilience. His past relationships with Carrie Underwood, Rachelle Goulding, and Rebecca Rittenhouse highlight a history of amicable splits and mutual respect. As Crawford continues to captivate audiences with his performances, his fans remain curious about his personal life, eagerly awaiting any updates on his romantic endeavors.

In conclusion, while Chace Crawford’s love life may be a “dumpster fire” in his own words, his charm, talent, and candid nature continue to endear him to fans around the world. Whether single or in a relationship, Crawford’s journey remains one of interest and admiration.


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