Christine Perfect Match Age, Star-Studded Cast Joins Season 2 of ‘Perfect Match’ on Netflix

Netflix’s popular reality dating show, Perfect Match, returns for its highly anticipated second season, featuring a star-studded cast that includes Harry Jowsey, Jessica Vestal, Dom Gabriel, Melinda Berry, and many more. The show continues to prove that age is no barrier to discovering love on reality TV, as the cast’s ages range from their early 20s to beyond. This diverse group includes contestants from various Netflix dating and competition shows, each bringing their unique experiences and personalities to the villa.

Who is Alara Taneri?

Alara Taneri, a 25-year-old fashion model, is known for her appearance in Season 1 of Netflix’s dating competition show, Dated & Related. Born on February 10, 1999, Alara brings her striking presence and experience in the modeling world to Perfect Match. Her net worth, while not publicly disclosed, is boosted by her career in fashion and reality TV.

What Makes Brittan Byrd Stand Out?

At 23 years old, Brittan Byrd managed to navigate Season 4 of Too Hot to Handle without breaking a single rule. Known for her determination and strong will, Brittan is ready to go after what she wants on Perfect Match. Her net worth is estimated to be modest, reflecting her early career in reality TV.

How Competitive is Bryton Constantin?

Bryton Constantin, also 23, gained recognition as Player 432 from Squid Game: The Challenge. His competitive spirit is expected to stir things up in the villa. Bryton’s net worth is not widely known, but his participation in high-stakes competitions hints at a driven personality ready to find his perfect match.

Who is the Oldest Contestant, Chris Hahn?

New Jersey native Chris Hahn, aged 30, is one of the oldest contestants on Season 2. He first rose to prominence on Dated & Related. Chris’s net worth is not publicly available, but his experience in reality TV and his New Jersey background add an interesting dynamic to the cast.

What Brings Christine Obanor Back?

Christine Obanor, a 27-year-old self-proclaimed “6-foot-1 goddess,” appeared in Season 5 of Too Hot to Handle. Despite her previous relationship ending, she is back to find true love on Perfect Match. Christine’s net worth is not widely publicized, but her confidence and height make her a standout contestant.

Why is Dom Gabriel a Fan Favorite?

Dom Gabriel, the 30-year-old winner of Season 1, finds himself single again after a messy split with Georgia Hassarati. Fans are rooting for him to find his forever person this time around. Dom’s net worth, likely enhanced by his reality TV winnings, adds to his appeal as a seasoned contestant.

What is Dominique Defoe Looking For?

Dominique Defoe, a 24-year-old computer science wiz from Colorado, is ready to fall in love. Since her brief stint on Too Hot to Handle Season 4, Dominique has been exploring her own sexuality and is open to connecting with anyone on Perfect Match. Her net worth, though not publicly known, reflects her background in tech and reality TV.

Who is Elys Hutchinson?

Elys Hutchinson, 24, is a former ski racer who won Season 5 of Too Hot to Handle. Despite her previous successes, Elys is back on the market and looking for love. Her net worth, influenced by her sports and reality TV career, makes her an intriguing contestant.

Why is Harry Jowsey Famous?

Harry Jowsey, 26, gained fame on Season 1 of Too Hot to Handle and has since become a well-known figure in the reality TV world. With a net worth estimated in the millions, Harry’s reputation as an F-boy is something he’s looking to change as he seeks to find a wife on Perfect Match.

Who is Holly Scarfone?

Holly Scarfone, a 25-year-old self-described “wild child,” was a main rule-breaker in Season 3 of Too Hot to Handle. Eager for another shot at love, Holly hopes to leave Perfect Match with a fiancé. Her net worth, although not publicly disclosed, reflects her adventurous personality and reality TV fame.

What Brings Izzy Zapata to Perfect Match?

Izzy Zapata, at 31, is trading the Love Is Blind pods for the Perfect Match villa. This sales associate is still searching for his soulmate. Izzy’s net worth, though not widely publicized, adds depth to his character as an experienced contestant looking for lasting love.

Who is Jake Cunningham?

Jake Cunningham, a 29-year-old Texas-based Army veteran, is diving back into the dating scene after two failed relationships on The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On. Jake’s net worth is modest but reflective of his military background and reality TV journey.

What is Jessica Vestal’s Goal?

Jessica Vestal, a 30-year-old single mom from Love Is Blind Season 6, is more determined than ever to find her future husband. Jessica’s net worth, not widely known, is complemented by her resilience and determination to find love.

Who is Justin Assad?

Boston-based bachelor Justin Assad, 26, from Surviving Paradise Season 1, is eager to form a power couple on Perfect Match. His net worth, while not publicly disclosed, reflects his background and ambitions in reality TV.

What Makes Kaz Bishop Unique?

Kaz Bishop, 33, a former firefighter and Season 1 winner of Dated & Related, is back for another shot at love. Kaz’s net worth is modest, but his experience and determination make him a strong contender for finding lasting love.

Who is Melinda Berry?

Melinda Berry, 31, has appeared on Too Hot to Handle and hosted Dated & Related. Despite her past, Melinda is looking for a serious relationship this time around. Her net worth, reflecting her multiple reality TV roles, adds to her dynamic presence.

What is Micah Lussier’s Story?

Micah Lussier, 28, from Love Is Blind, is ready to find love again despite past rejections. Her net worth, though not widely known, is complemented by her determination and influencer status.

Who is Nigel Jones?

Nigel Jones, 30, a former F-boy from Too Hot to Handle, has matured and is looking for a deep connection on Perfect Match. Nigel’s net worth, not publicly disclosed, adds to his evolving character.

What Does Stevan Ditter Bring?

Stevan Ditter, a 28-year-old model and DJ from Too Hot to Handle, is ready to find his dream woman on Perfect Match. His net worth, while modest, reflects his career in modeling and DJing.

Who is Tolú Ekundare?

Tolú Ekundare, 27, known as the “Original Yorùbád Babe,” is determined to find a man worth her time. Tolú’s net worth, reflecting her background and reality TV success, adds to her captivating presence.

What is Trevor Sova’s Motivation?

Trevor Sova, a 31-year-old gym enthusiast from Love Is Blind Season 6, is committed to forming genuine connections on Perfect Match. His net worth, while not widely known, complements his journey of self-improvement.

Who is Xanthi Perdikomatis?

Xanthi Perdikomatis, a 28-year-old model from The Circle Season 5, is looking for a “big, burly bad boy” to sweep her off her feet. Xanthi’s net worth, reflecting her modeling career and reality TV appearances, adds to her quest for true love.

Season 2 of Perfect Match premieres Friday, June 7, on Netflix.


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