Cody Ford Girlfriend, It’s Over, According to Tik Toker Tianna Robillard and Fiancé Cody Ford

Cody Ford, the 27-year-old offensive guard for the Cincinnati Bengals, and TikTok star Tianna Robillard have called off their engagement. Ford, with an estimated net worth of $3 million, had proposed to Robillard in late April 2023 after making their relationship public on Instagram in January 2023. Robillard, a popular social media personality known for her engaging content, shared the heartbreaking news in a tearful video on Wednesday, June 12.

What Led to the Breakup?

The split came as a surprise to many fans who had seen the couple’s relationship blossom on social media. Robillard announced the breakup in a video filmed in a packed-up car, indicating the seriousness of their separation. She tearfully expressed, “some things are unrecoverable,” hinting at deep-seated issues that led to the end of their engagement.

How Did Tianna Robillard Share the News?

Robillard took to TikTok to address the numerous questions from her followers regarding the status of her relationship with Ford. In a heartfelt three-minute video, she confirmed the breakup, stating, “It’s over, and it’s never going to be back together, that’s for damn sure.” She shared her emotional turmoil, admitting that she will always love Ford but recognized that some problems couldn’t be resolved.

What Was the Initial Spark of Curiosity Among Fans?

The announcement followed speculation from fans after Robillard posted a video lip-synching to Sabrina Carpenter’s song, “Please Please Please.” The lyrics of the song and her expression led a user to comment, “I’m still so confused bc she was literally just talking about him that day but sometimes things happen so quick.” This comment prompted Robillard to reveal the truth about their breakup, ending weeks of speculation.

How Did Robillard Express Her Feelings?

Robillard’s video was a raw and emotional appeal to her followers for understanding and support. She candidly discussed her pain and the difficulty of the situation. “My world feels like it’s turned upside down,” she said, tears streaming down her face. She requested privacy, encouragement, and positivity during this challenging time, emphasizing the importance of love and light for both her and Ford.

What Was the Couple’s Journey Before the Breakup?

Cody Ford proposed to Tianna Robillard in late April 2023, a moment they shared with their followers through social media. Ford’s now-deleted Instagram post included photos of the proposal, capturing the heartfelt moment when he placed the ring on Robillard’s finger. The post was captioned, “Forever 🤍♾️. I Love you so much T,” reflecting the love and commitment they once shared.

How Has Cody Ford Responded?

As of now, Cody Ford has not publicly commented on the breakup. The Cincinnati Bengals also did not immediately respond to requests for more information. Ford’s silence has left fans wondering about his perspective on the end of their engagement and how he is coping with the situation.

How Are Fans Reacting to the News?

Fans of both Cody Ford and Tianna Robillard have expressed their shock and sadness over the breakup. Many have taken to social media to send their love and support to Robillard, praising her for her honesty and vulnerability. The outpouring of encouragement reflects the strong connection Robillard has with her followers and the impact her content has on their lives.

What’s Next for Tianna Robillard?

In her emotional video, Robillard mentioned that her world feels different now and that she is focusing on healing. She expressed her hope for both herself and Ford to receive love and light during this difficult time. Robillard’s fans are eagerly awaiting her return to social media, where she continues to inspire and entertain with her creative content.

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In conclusion, the breakup between Cody Ford and Tianna Robillard has left a significant impact on their fans and followers. As both individuals navigate this challenging period, they are surrounded by a supportive community wishing them healing and positivity. The end of their engagement serves as a reminder of the complexities of relationships and the importance of compassion and understanding during times of personal struggle.


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