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Colin Furze, born on October 14, 1979, in Stamford, Lincolnshire, is an inventive genius, stuntman, and internet personality. At the age of 44, Furze has amassed a net worth of approximately $3 million through his unique creations and engaging online presence. Known for his quirky inventions and daredevil antics, Furze has captivated a global audience with his YouTube channel, garnering over a billion views.

What are Colin Furze’s Notable Inventions?

Furze’s innovative mind has led to the creation of numerous unconventional contraptions. Some of his most famous inventions include:

  • The 2-Meter Social-Distancing Bike: Designed during the COVID-19 pandemic, this bike ensures riders maintain a safe distance from others.
  • James Bond-Style Flame Thrower Car: This car is fitted with flamethrowers reminiscent of the iconic spy films.
  • Vacuum-Cleaner Shoes: These shoes clean the floor as you walk, combining functionality with novelty.
  • World’s Fastest Loo: A toilet capable of reaching impressive speeds, adding a humorous twist to everyday objects.

How Did Colin Furze Begin His Career?

Furze’s fascination with science and engineering began at an early age. As a child, he built underground dens and treehouses, showcasing his innate talent for construction and creativity. Initially working as a plumber, Furze transitioned to a career that fully embraced his inventive spirit. His participation in the short-lived Sky 1 series “Gadget Geeks” further fueled his passion for building unique gadgets and DIY inventions.

What is Colin Furze’s YouTube Journey?

In 2007, Furze discovered YouTube, a platform that allowed him to share his inventions with the world. He started with the “Wall of Death” ramp and quickly gained a following for his outlandish and imaginative projects. His channel has since become a hub for fans of eccentric engineering and innovative ideas, with videos that often feature Furze testing his creations in thrilling and entertaining ways.

Where Does Colin Furze Live?

Furze resides in Stamford, Lincolnshire, with his wife, Charlotte Stapling, and their son, Jake. The family lives in a modest semi-detached house, but Furze’s backyard is anything but ordinary. Beneath the garden lies a secret bunker, a project built in partnership with Sky 1’s show “You, Me and the Apocalypse.” This 16ft x 20ft underground man cave took two months to complete and serves as Furze’s ultimate hideaway.

What Are Colin Furze’s World Records?

Colin Furze holds five Guinness World Records, each reflecting his penchant for pushing the boundaries of engineering and imagination. His records include:

  • World’s Largest Bonfire
  • Longest Motorcycle
  • Fastest Mobility Scooter: Capable of reaching a top speed of 115.21 km/h.
  • Fastest Pram
  • Fastest Dodgem

These achievements demonstrate Furze’s dedication to creating extraordinary versions of ordinary objects.

What is the Shed of the Year Award?

In 2020, Furze won Cuprinol’s Shed of the Year competition for his innovative back garden shed, which is situated above his underground bunker. This shed serves as Furze’s workshop, where he brings his wild ideas to life. The award is a testament to his creativity and his ability to transform simple structures into extraordinary spaces.

Who is Colin Furze’s Wife?

Colin Furze has been in a relationship with Charlotte Stapling since 2006. Despite Furze’s penchant for creating mad-cap contraptions, Stapling supports his endeavors, though she often opts out of testing his more extreme inventions, such as the 50mph pram. The couple’s dynamic showcases a balance of support and caution, with Stapling standing by Furze’s side as he pursues his inventive dreams.

Does Colin Furze Have Children?

Yes, Colin Furze and Charlotte Stapling have a son named Jake. Furze’s inventive spirit extends to his parenting, with Jake often benefiting from his father’s wild ideas and creations. As Jake grows, he is likely to be influenced by his father’s passion for innovation and engineering.

What is Next for Colin Furze?

Furze continues to innovate and entertain, constantly coming up with new ideas and projects. His YouTube channel remains a popular destination for fans eager to see what he will create next. With his combination of creativity, engineering skill, and showmanship, Colin Furze’s future in the world of invention and entertainment looks as bright as ever.


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