Corey Big Hoss Harrison, The Resilient Star of Pawn Stars

Corey Harrison who is known in the nickname of “Big Hoss,” is one of the most well-known characters on The Pawn Stars reality series. The show provides viewers an insider’s view of the daily operations of the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop situated at Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a family-owned business that was founded by Late Richard “Old Man” Harrison and is managed by his Rick Harrison, the youngest son of Rick Harrison, who is his father Corey. The very first episode aired on 26th July in 2009, and has continued to entice viewers as it moves into the 23rd episode of the season. His charisma, experience in assessing unique items, and his ability to negotiate have been a major factor in the show and attracted a lot of attention.

What Happened to Corey Harrison’s Health After His Motorcycle Accident?

In 2014 Corey was injured in a fatal accident that occurred on his motorcycle. When he attempted to purchase the items he needed for his birthday celebration, the bottom of the fender on his motorcycle splintered and caused it to spiral into a spiral that was out of the its control. Corey took off from his bike to avoid the possibility of the fatal crash. Despite the injury however, he went to the party, finally going to the emergency room, where he underwent surgery to heal the hand injury. The operation led to him receiving eight screws and two plates that marked a major transformation in his personal.

How Did Corey Overcome Pre-Diabetes and His Weight Issues?

After the incident Corey suffered another shock when an annual appointment with a doctor who discovered that the patient is diabetic. Determined to change his way of life and improve his overall health, he drove to the appointment with his doctor to inquire whether he could undergo lapband surgery. Because of his financial constraints and the absence of credit for the procedure, he opted to use multiple credit cards to pay for the cost of the procedure. It was combination with lifestyle changes such as healthy eating, and regular exercise, allowed Corey to shed 200 pounds. This reduced his weight from 400 up to a weight of 200lbs. “I can only have four to five ounces of food in my stomach,” Corey said about the results of his surgery. He stated that when your food supply is restricted and you are unable to eat, you place the quality of the food you consume over the quantity.

What Is Corey’s Relationship History Like?

Like his father Rick, Corey Harrison has been through a lot of difficulties within his personal life. His first marriage, the one he married, along with his high school love of his life Charlene was a relationship which lasted from 2009 to 2015. Although the reason for the breakup is not yet been disclosed, there are reports about Corey’s busy working schedule and his tendency to party. He got committed in 2017, and was wed with Korina “Kiki” Harrison, but the union was dissolved peacefully in 2018. Kiki gave the birth of their son, Richard Benjamin Harrison, shortly after their separation. Although rumors circulated of possible reconciliations, the couple has been in a state of trance. Corey has been associated with Tara Pasley, and recent Instagram posts have featured the actor with a mysterious blonde.

Does Corey Have a Stake in the Pawn Shop?

In the 6th season of Pawn Stars, Corey was seeking to run Pawn Stars’ World Famous Pawn Shop in Gold and Silver and was about to quit the show for a new position. He initially wanted the increase in 10, however his father Rick was able to offer the possibility of the purchase of 5% stake to provide space for the shop to expand in the coming years. Corey agreed as a partner and his involvement in the management of the shop increased as of the time. Although Rick remains the sole owner, Corey plays a pivotal role in overseeing the day-today operation of the shop. He is poised to be the shop’s manager one day.

What Is Corey Harrison’s Current Status and Role in Pawn Stars?

Despite the numerous challenges Corey has faced and overcome, he’s still an integral part of the Pawn Stars family. Alongside his father Rick running the company, Corey continues to manage every day activities, using his expertise to ensure the company’s growth is. The loss of his father Richard “Old Man” Harrison in the year of 2018 due to Parkinson’s illness was huge blow. But, Corey has proven resilient and has continued to uphold the tradition of his family’s business. He has provided his customers with the knowledge, expertise and skills in negotiation that helped him become a household name.


The life of Corey Harrison is characterized by personal issues such as health problems, family issues, and historical landmarks. From overcoming an accident in the car and losing half the weight to having to balance his personal life and ensuring the business’s success. The fictional story behind Corey’s story is one of perseverance. He’s a key figure in the popular Pawn Stars series that exemplifies the enthusiasm and perseverance that has made a new legend for the family-owned business.


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