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South African President Cyril Ramaphosa is set to lead the African National Congress (ANC) through what may be its toughest challenge yet. As South Africans prepare to vote, Ramaphosa’s leadership and the ANC’s performance are under intense scrutiny.

What is Ramaphosa’s Legacy?

Cyril Ramaphosa, who took office in 2018, has made significant contributions to South Africa. He co-founded the country’s largest mining union and became one of its wealthiest businessmen. His presidency has been marked by efforts to clean up the ANC’s image, but he has faced numerous challenges, including a misconduct scandal from which he emerged re-elected as the ANC leader in 2022.

Has Ramaphosa Delivered on Economic Growth?

Despite his efforts, Ramaphosa has struggled to boost economic growth and reduce unemployment, with a third of South Africans still jobless. Additionally, the nation has been plagued by persistent power cuts, exacerbating the economic woes. These issues are likely to influence voters’ decisions in the upcoming election.

Could the ANC Lose Its Majority?

Opinion polls suggest that the ANC might lose its majority for the first time in 30 years. If this happens, some political analysts believe that the 71-year-old Ramaphosa may not complete a second term. The potential loss of majority reflects widespread dissatisfaction with the ANC’s handling of economic and social issues.

What Role Did Ramaphosa Play in Ending Apartheid?

Ramaphosa was a key figure in the negotiations that led to the end of apartheid, enabling Nelson Mandela to become South Africa’s first Black president. He was instrumental in drafting South Africa’s progressive constitution, showcasing his skills as a silver-tongued negotiator.

Why Did Ramaphosa Enter Business?

After the end of apartheid, Ramaphosa stepped back from politics in 1996, turning to business. He founded Shanduka, a major Black-owned investment vehicle, benefiting from the ANC’s Black Economic Empowerment policies. Critics argue that these policies allowed those with ANC connections to acquire assets at low prices, though they were intended to reduce inequality.

How Did Ramaphosa Rise in the ANC?

Ramaphosa’s leadership in the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) during the 1980s made him a significant figure in South African politics. His negotiating skills earned him respect, even from opponents like F.W. de Klerk, South Africa’s last white president. In 2012, he began winding down his business interests to become the ANC’s deputy leader under Jacob Zuma, eventually succeeding him as party leader in 2017.

What Was the “Farmgate” Scandal?

Ramaphosa’s presidency faced a significant challenge with the “Farmgate” scandal, where large sums of cash were found hidden in furniture at his game farm. Though he denied any wrongdoing and was not charged, the incident damaged his reputation.

Is Ramaphosa a Champion of the Global South?

Despite internal challenges, Ramaphosa has been a prominent advocate for the Global South. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he called for fairer vaccine distribution. Recently, South Africa under his leadership filed a genocide case against Israel at the International Court of Justice, resulting in a ruling against Israel’s military actions in Gaza. These actions have bolstered South Africa’s standing on the global stage.

What Are the ANC’s Campaign Promises?

As the ANC prepares for the election, Ramaphosa has campaigned on the party’s achievements over the past three decades. However, critics argue that he has failed to present new solutions to pressing issues like high crime and stark inequality. At a final campaign rally in Soweto, Ramaphosa promised to “do better,” although many supporters left before he finished speaking.

What’s Next for Ramaphosa and the ANC?

The upcoming election will be a pivotal moment for both Ramaphosa and the ANC. If the party loses its majority, it could signal the end of an era and possibly Ramaphosa’s presidency. The outcome will reveal whether South Africans believe in Ramaphosa’s vision and leadership or if they are ready for a change.


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