Dennis Quaid Wife, Who Is the Wife of Dennis Quaid? Everything Regarding Laura Savoie

Dennis Quaid, known for his illustrious acting career, and Laura Savoie, an accomplished academic and professional, experienced what Quaid describes as “love at first sight.” The couple met at a business event in 2019, introduced by a mutual friend. Their connection was immediate and profound, leading to a whirlwind romance that culminated in marriage just a year later.

What Makes Laura Savoie Stand Out?

Laura Savoie hails from St. Louis and boasts an impressive academic background. She graduated as the valedictorian from Pepperdine University with an undergraduate degree in accounting, completed in just three years. Her educational journey didn’t stop there; she earned a master’s degree in accounting, financial reporting, and assurance services from the University of Notre Dame. At the time she met Quaid, Savoie was pursuing a PhD at the University of Texas at Austin.

What Professional Achievements Does Savoie Have?

Savoie’s professional credentials are as notable as her academic ones. She became a certified public accountant in California in 2015 and obtained her real estate license a year later. From 2015 to 2017, she worked at Ernst & Young in Los Angeles, dealing with clients from various industries, including real estate, biopharmaceuticals, retail consumer products, and media.

How Did Their Relationship Progress?

Quaid and Savoie’s relationship quickly moved from dating to a deep, committed partnership. Quaid proposed to Savoie during a trip to Oahu, Hawaii, a place they both love. The proposal was a private, heartfelt moment during which Quaid surprised Savoie while she was taking a selfie.

When Did Dennis Quaid and Laura Savoie Get Married?

Originally planning a wedding in Hawaii in April 2020, the couple’s plans were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Unwilling to delay their union, they opted for an intimate elopement in Santa Barbara on June 2, 2020. The ceremony took place at a seaside resort, with their pastor as the sole witness. Quaid wore a light gray Hugo Boss suit, while Savoie donned a gown by Chosen By One Day.

How Do They Support Each Other’s Careers?

Savoie’s support for Quaid extends into their professional lives as well. In December 2021, the couple co-founded Bonniedale Films, a production company based in Nashville. Their first project, American Pride, is a biopic of country star Charley Pride. Savoie has also been a constant presence at Quaid’s concerts, award shows, and movie premieres, showcasing her unwavering support for his career.

What Are Savoie’s Personal Interests?

Savoie’s interests go beyond her professional and academic achievements. She is a registered yoga instructor, which aligns well with Quaid’s interest in yoga and cycling. Their shared passion for fitness and well-being adds another layer of connection to their relationship.

What Is Their Shared Faith?

A significant aspect of Quaid and Savoie’s relationship is their shared faith. Both have spoken about how their spiritual beliefs provide a strong foundation for their marriage. During the pandemic, their faith helped them navigate the challenges of quarantine, reinforcing their bond and commitment to one another. Quaid has expressed that their faith is a key component of their relationship’s success, bringing them closer and helping them remain kind and loving towards each other.

How Do They Handle Their Age Difference?

Despite the 39-year age gap between them, Quaid and Savoie have found a timeless connection that transcends years. Quaid has often mentioned that their age difference is not something they notice or discuss. Their relationship is built on mutual respect, love, and partnership, proving that love can indeed find a way, regardless of age.

Where Do They Live and Work?

Quaid and Savoie currently reside in Nashville, where they also base their production company. The city’s vibrant culture and artistic community provide a perfect backdrop for their personal and professional lives.

What Does the Future Hold for Dennis Quaid and Laura Savoie?

Looking ahead, Quaid and Savoie seem poised to continue their journey together, both in their personal lives and their shared professional endeavors. With the launch of Bonniedale Films and their ongoing support for each other, the couple is set to make significant contributions to the entertainment industry while enjoying a fulfilling life together.


Dennis Quaid and Laura Savoie’s love story is a testament to the power of connection, shared interests, and mutual support. From their initial meeting to their intimate wedding and collaborative professional ventures, their relationship exemplifies a deep bond that enriches both their lives. As they navigate the future together, their story continues to inspire and captivate those who follow their journey.


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