Deuce Tatum Age, How old is Jayson Christopher Deuce Tatum Jr now

Jayson Christopher Deuce Tatum Jr., commonly known as “Deuce,” is the young son of NBA star Jayson Tatum. Born on December 6, 2017, in the United States, Deuce is currently six years old. He has become a recognizable figure due to his frequent appearances alongside his father at public events, particularly Boston Celtics home games. Despite his young age, Deuce has captured the hearts of many basketball fans.

What is Deuce’s Early Life Like?

Before Deuce was born, his father Jayson Tatum was already making headlines. In 2017, just six months before Deuce’s birth, Jayson Tatum was selected as the third overall pick in the NBA draft by the Boston Celtics. This marked the beginning of an illustrious career for Jayson, which has since seen numerous achievements. Deuce’s birth was a much-celebrated event in the Tatum family, coinciding with the start of his father’s professional journey in basketball.

How Does Deuce Spend His Time with His Father?

Deuce is often seen at Boston Celtics home games, where he enjoys a unique bond with his father. These appearances have not only strengthened their relationship but have also made Deuce a beloved figure among Celtics fans. He is frequently photographed with his father, whether it’s cheering from the stands or participating in post-game celebrations on the court. These moments are often shared on Jayson Tatum’s Instagram, giving fans a glimpse into their special father-son relationship.

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Deuce?

One of the intriguing aspects of Deuce’s young life is his early introduction to the world of professional basketball. He has been a part of significant events and is often present during key moments in his father’s career. Deuce’s presence at games and his interactions with other players have made him a well-known figure among the Boston Celtics community. His friendly nature and charismatic personality have endeared him to fans and players alike.

Who Are Deuce’s Family Members?

Deuce’s family plays a significant role in his life. His mother, Toriah Lachell, has been a supportive figure. Deuce also shares a close bond with his grandparents, Brandy and Justin Tatum. His family provides a strong support system, ensuring that Deuce has a nurturing environment. Additionally, Deuce has an uncle named Jaycob, with whom he shares a close relationship. This close-knit family dynamic is evident in the joy and comfort Deuce exhibits when he is with them.

What Is Deuce’s Relationship with Marcus Smart?

Deuce has also formed friendships with several of his father’s teammates, notably Marcus Smart. This relationship highlights the close bonds within the Boston Celtics team. Marcus Smart, known for his camaraderie and team spirit, has developed a friendly relationship with Deuce, further integrating him into the Celtics family. This connection adds another layer to Deuce’s experience growing up around the sport of basketball.

How Does Social Media Feature Deuce?

Deuce has become a popular figure on social media, particularly through his father’s Instagram account. Jayson Tatum often shares pictures and videos of Deuce, documenting their time together at games and various family events. These posts not only showcase their bond but also highlight Deuce’s growing popularity among fans. His appearances on social media have made him a familiar face, loved by many for his cheerful demeanor and playful antics.

What Is the Future Likely to Hold for Deuce?

While it is too early to predict Deuce’s future, his current exposure to the world of professional sports suggests that he might develop an interest in basketball or other activities. Growing up with a father who is a prominent NBA player, Deuce has a unique opportunity to learn about the sport from a young age. Whether he chooses to follow in his father’s footsteps or pursue a different path, Deuce’s early experiences will undoubtedly shape his future.

How Does Deuce Influence Jayson Tatum’s Life?

Deuce has had a profound impact on Jayson Tatum’s life, providing him with motivation and inspiration both on and off the court. Jayson often speaks about the importance of being a good role model for his son and the joy that Deuce brings to his life. This father-son relationship is a source of strength for Jayson, influencing his performance and dedication to his career. Deuce’s presence at games and in public life serves as a reminder of the personal and professional balance that Jayson strives to maintain.


Jayson Christopher Deuce Tatum Jr. is more than just the son of an NBA star. At just six years old, he has become a beloved figure in the basketball community, known for his endearing presence and strong family connections. Deuce’s life is intertwined with his father’s career, providing fans with heartwarming glimpses into their relationship. As he grows, Deuce will undoubtedly continue to captivate the hearts of those who follow the Boston Celtics and his father’s journey.


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