Drew Bledsoe Net Worth, Home, Spouse, Kids, and Income from A Career

Drew Bledsoe has become synonymous with resilience and transformation in American football and beyond. Born February 14th 1972 in Ellensburg Washington to both educator parents, this foundation led him to pursue both an outstanding NFL career as well as successful entrepreneurial ventures after retiring.

What Defined Drew Bledsoe’s Early Football Career?

At Walla Walla High School in Washington State University – not only was Drew coached by his father but also excelled in basketball and track – his athletic prowess on the football field was evident early on, setting the stage for an exciting collegiate career at Washington State. While at WSU he broke records while leaving an indelible mark that culminated with victory at the 1992 Copper Bowl game.

How Did Bledsoe Influence the NFL?

After being selected first overall by the New England Patriots in the 1993 NFL Draft, Bledsoe quickly established himself as an integral piece of their franchise. His strong arm and leadership abilities helped end their seven-year postseason drought while winning multiple division titles. Though his career saw numerous ups and downs – including suffering an injury in 2001 – his time spent with these franchises made him a legendary figure across three professional leagues: Patriots, Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys all made his impact felt by NFL fans everywhere.

What Challenges Did Bledsoe Face in His NFL Career?

Bledsoe faced many difficulties on his journey through the NFL. One particularly pivotal event occurred in 2001 when he sustained a near-fatal chest injury which eventually lead to Tom Brady becoming New England Patriots starting quarterback, ultimately helping them win an AFC Championship that season and sending Bledsoe on to Buffalo and Dallas before retiring at age 31 in 2007.

How Did Bledsoe Transition From Sports to Business?

After retiring, Bledsoe began a venture that combined his love of wine with entrepreneurialism: co-founding Doubleback Winery in Washington with Chris Figgins and co-managing vineyard management as well as strategic business. Today the winery boasts high-quality Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon which have won rave reviews – while Bledsoe plays an active role both vineyard management and business strategy planning.

What Makes Doubleback Winery Stand Out?

Situated in the picturesque Eola-Amity Hills AVA, Doubleback Winery stands out for its dedication to sustainability and quality wines. After his former partner, Josh McDaniels left in 2014, Bledsoe purchased an expansive 80-acre property together. Recognized for their meticulous approach to viticulture practices and producing some of the region’s top wines.

How Has Bledsoe Influenced Future Generations?

Bledsoe’s influence extends well beyond gridiron and vineyard, impacting his community and family alike. Residing in Bend, Oregon he has actively supported his children’s athletic endeavors similar to how his own father guided his journey from professional athlete to successful business owner and community leader. His journey serves as a great model for post-athlete career transitions.

What Can We Learn from Drew Bledsoe’s Story?

Drew Bledsoe’s life story serves as an excellent illustration of adaptability and perseverance. From his early days as an athlete through to becoming a successful businessman, Bledsoe demonstrates how diverse talents combined with hard work can lead to sustained success across different fields. His ability to manage life’s ups and downs with grace remains an inspiration to many both in and outside the sports realm.


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