Drew Gordon Wife, Things to Know About the Wife and Three Children of The Late Athlete

The NBA community faced a heartbreaking loss on May 30, 2024, when former player Drew Gordon tragically died in a car accident at the age of 33. The news shocked fans and fellow players alike, as Gordon’s impact on and off the court had left an indelible mark on many.

Who Was Drew Gordon?

Drew Gordon played nine games in the NBA with the Philadelphia 76ers but made a significant impact overseas. He earned All-Star honors in both France and Russia, showcasing his skills and determination. American fans might remember him from his college days as a member of the 2008-09 UCLA Bruins and later as a standout all-conference player at New Mexico.

What Was His Relationship with Aaron Gordon?

Drew Gordon was the older brother of Denver Nuggets forward Aaron Gordon, known for his incredible performances in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest and as a key player in the Nuggets’ 2023 NBA championship run. The bond between the two brothers was strong, with Drew often seen supporting Aaron during games and celebrations.

How Did the Denver Nuggets React?

The Denver Nuggets expressed their sorrow in a heartfelt statement, mourning the loss of Drew Gordon. “The Denver Nuggets organization is devastated to learn about the tragic passing of Drew Gordon,” the team wrote. “Drew was far too young to leave this world, but his legacy will forever live on through his three beautiful children and all of his loved ones. Our hearts are with Aaron and the Gordon family during this extremely difficult time.”

Who Are the Family Members Drew Leaves Behind?

Drew Gordon leaves behind a loving family, including his wife Angela and their three children. Angela and Drew married in 2019, and their love story was well-documented on Drew’s social media. One of his final posts was a birthday tribute to Angela, showcasing their deep bond and affection.

What Role Did Elise Gordon Play in Drew’s Life?

Elise Gordon, Drew’s sister, is a former athlete and now an NBA agent and Harvard graduate. Together, they co-founded and led LVL Group, a sports management company. Elise shared a close bond with her brothers, frequently reflecting on their journeys and achievements in heartfelt social media posts.

How Did Drew’s Eldest Son, Jayden, Experience His Father’s Career?

Jayden, 12, is Drew’s eldest son. Growing up during Drew’s overseas career, Jayden had the unique opportunity to travel the world, experiencing diverse cultures and environments. Drew’s Instagram is filled with birthday messages to Jayden, highlighting their close relationship and Drew’s pride in his son’s growth.

What Can We Learn About Zayne’s Birth and Early Years?

Zayne, who recently celebrated his fifth birthday, faced a challenging start to life. Born prematurely, Zayne’s arrival was fraught with complications. Despite these early hurdles, Drew’s love and hopes for his son were evident in his heartfelt social media posts, where he often expressed his dreams for Zayne’s future.

How Did the Gordon Family Cope with Brody’s Birth in Ukraine?

Brody, Drew’s youngest son, was born in Kyiv in January 2022. Shortly after his birth, the Russian invasion of Ukraine forced the Gordon family to flee the country. Drew recounted the harrowing experience of securing his family’s safety amidst the chaos, a testament to his dedication as a father and husband.

How Did Drew’s Career Influence His Family Life?

Drew’s basketball career took him around the globe, from Lithuania to Russia, Ukraine, and beyond. His international career allowed his family to experience life in various countries, fostering a unique and enriching upbringing for his children. Drew’s posts often highlighted his gratitude for these experiences and his deep love for his family.

What Is Drew Gordon’s Lasting Legacy?

Drew Gordon’s legacy extends beyond his basketball achievements. He was a dedicated family man, a loving husband, and a proud father. His contributions to the sport, particularly overseas, and his commitment to his family will be remembered by all who knew him.

How Can Fans Honor Drew’s Memory?

Fans can honor Drew Gordon’s memory by celebrating his contributions to basketball and his devotion to his family. Sharing stories, photos, and memories of Drew can help keep his spirit alive. Additionally, supporting the Gordon family during this difficult time through messages of love and condolences can offer comfort and solidarity.


The tragic passing of Drew Gordon is a significant loss for the NBA community and beyond. His dedication to his family, his impressive basketball career, and the legacy he leaves behind will forever be remembered. As we mourn his untimely death, we also celebrate the life of a remarkable individual who touched the lives of many.


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