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Founded in 1865, Nottingham Forest Football Club has a long and storied history. Based in West Bridgford, Nottingham, the club currently competes in the Premier League, a testament to its resilience and competitive spirit. This article delves into the club’s journey under the ownership of Evangelos Marinakis, exploring his background, ambitions, and the controversies he has faced.

Who is Evangelos Marinakis?

Evangelos Marinakis, born on July 30, 1967, in Piraeus, Greece, comes from a lineage deeply rooted in the maritime industry. His family, the Ypsilantis, were prominent shipowners, and Marinakis followed in their footsteps. He pursued higher education at the American International University in London, earning a bachelor’s degree in international business administration and a master’s degree in international relations.

How Did Marinakis Build His Career?

After completing his studies, Marinakis embarked on a multifaceted career spanning business, politics, and sports. He became a shipowner and media mogul, founding Capital Maritime and Trading Corp. His influence extended to the sports world, where he served as vice-president of the Hellenic Football Federation (HFF) and president of Superleague Greece. Additionally, he is the president of Olympiacos, the football club in his hometown of Piraeus.

What Led Marinakis to Nottingham Forest?

In 2017, Marinakis expanded his interests to the UK, targeting the English Championship. His acquisition of Nottingham Forest in May 2017 marked the beginning of a new era for the club. Marinakis’s vision was ambitious; he aimed to return Nottingham Forest to the Premier League and ultimately qualify for European competitions within five years.

What Achievements Has Nottingham Forest Seen Under Marinakis?

Under Marinakis’s ownership, Nottingham Forest has experienced significant progress. In 2021, the club achieved promotion to the Premier League for the first time in 23 years, fulfilling part of Marinakis’s ambitious goals. His leadership has been pivotal in revitalizing the club, both on and off the pitch.

What Controversies Have Surrounded Marinakis?

Despite his successes, Marinakis’s tenure has not been without controversy. He has faced multiple drug trafficking investigations by the Greek Coast Guard, the DEA, and Greek judicial authorities. These allegations have cast a shadow over his business and football ventures.

How Has Nottingham Forest Responded to the Controversies?

Nicholas Randall, the chairman of Nottingham Forest, addressed these controversies in an open letter to supporters. He reaffirmed the club’s support for Marinakis and clarified that there were no charges or prosecutions against him. In 2021, a judge concluded the investigation, stating that there was no evidence implicating Marinakis in the alleged activities.

Is Evangelos Marinakis Married and Does He Have a Family?

Marinakis is married to Athanasia Kassioti, and together they have four children. Despite his high-profile career, Marinakis maintains a relatively private family life.

What is Evangelos Marinakis’ Net Worth?

Evangelos Marinakis boasts an estimated net worth of around $3 billion (£2.5 billion). His financial success has earned him a place in Lloyd’s List of the Top 100 Most Influential People in shipping, highlighting his significant impact on the industry.

How Has Marinakis Influenced Nottingham Forest’s Future?

Marinakis’s ownership has brought renewed hope and ambition to Nottingham Forest. His investment in the club has not only aimed at achieving success on the field but also improving its infrastructure and global presence. The club’s return to the Premier League is a testament to his effective leadership and strategic vision.

What Lies Ahead for Nottingham Forest Under Marinakis?

Looking forward, Marinakis’s goals for Nottingham Forest remain ambitious. He continues to focus on establishing the club as a competitive force in the Premier League and eventually making a mark in European competitions. With his business acumen and passion for football, Marinakis is poised to drive Nottingham Forest to new heights.


Evangelos Marinakis’s tenure as the owner of Nottingham Forest has been marked by significant achievements and challenges. His ambitious vision for the club has already led to a return to the Premier League, and his future plans promise further growth and success. Despite facing legal controversies, Marinakis has maintained his focus on elevating Nottingham Forest, ensuring the club’s storied history continues to flourish.


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