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Evelyne Bouix has graced both big and small screens with her undeniable talent and charisma since being born April 22, 1953 in Charenton-le-Pont, Val-de-Marne France. Since her debut performance at age six in Charenton-le-Pont, Val-de-Marne she has made quite the mark both theatrically and on film/television sets alike. We explore all facets of Bouix’s multifaceted career from theater performances to memorable roles on film/television projects!

How Did Evelyne Bouix Begin Her Career in Acting?

Evelyne Bouix first began acting during her teenage years while attending Montgeron High School. Once she received her baccalaureate diploma, Evelyne attended Rue Blanche Drama School located in Paris’ 9th arrondissement to train. Through this training she gained the foundation for performing classic plays like Victor Hugo’s “The Man Who Laughs”, Alfred de Musset’s “On ne badine pas avec l’amour”, and several Moliere plays like L’Etourdi ou Les Contratemps” and L’Avare”.

What were Evelyne Bouix’s Major Breakthroughs in Cinema?

Evelyne Bouix first made her cinematic debut in 1977’s comedy “Rene la Canne,” where she shared screen time with Gerard Depardieu, Michel Piccoli and Sylvia Kristel. Her breakthrough came during the 1980s when she met filmmaker Claude Lelouch; their relationship spanned not only romantic relationships but also frequent collaboration – Bouix has featured in many of Lelouch’s films including “Les Uns et les Autres,” “Edith and Marcel,” “Viva la vie,” “Partir, revenir,” “Un Homme et une Femme: Vingt ans deja” and “Tout ca…pour ca!”

During this time, she also worked under the direction of other renowned filmmakers; Robert Hossein directed his adaptation of Les Miserables while she co-starred alongside Claude Brasseur and Pierre Arditi (her companion since 1986) in Radio Corbeau by Yves Boisset.

How Has Evelyne Bouix Contributed to Television?

Evelyne Bouix made significant contributions to television during the 1990s and 2000s. While her film appearances became less frequent, Bouix found new outlet for her acting skills through television films starring Arditi such as “People Are Not Necessarily Ignible”, “The Impossible Monsieur Papa”, “A Piece of Sun”, and “Les Mechantes.” Additionally she appeared in popular series such as Cordier Judge Cop Cop, Chez Maupassant (Chez Maupassant), Le Sang de La Vigne”, and Capitaine Marleau.”

In 2021, she played a pivotal role in “Murders at Pointe du Raz,” an episodic television film shown on France 3. Here, she portrays a gendarmerie commander investigating the murder of an elderly woman found dead on a beach alongside actor David Kammenos.

What Has Been Evelyne Bouix’s Impact?

Evelyne Bouix has had an enormous effect on French theater and cinema. Her ability to portray characters ranging from comedic to tragic has cemented her place among her fellow French actors and made her beloved within French acting circles. Additionally, her collaborations with prominent filmmakers as well as continued presence on television ensure her relevance within an ever-evolving entertainment industry.

Bouix’s dedication and presence onstage and screen have earned her widespread acclaim, inspiring a whole generation of actors. Her career stands as a testament to her versatility and commitment, contributing significantly to France’s cultural landscape.

Evelyne Bouix has made a markful journey across drama, film and television as an actress renowned for her dynamic talent. As her career develops further, Evelyne promises more captivating performances that will cement her status as one of France’s premier actresses.


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