Frankie Muniz Wife, Kids All The Details You Need To Know!

Frankie Muniz and Paige Muniz, formerly Paige Price, first met in February 2016 at the 28th annual Frank Sinatra Celebrity Invitational in Indio, California. Paige, a golf enthusiast, was working for a golf network as a presenter, attending events and interviewing players. Frankie, known for his role in “Malcolm in the Middle,” was participating in the charity game. Their shared love for golf sparked a connection that would grow into a deep, enduring relationship.

When Did They Start Dating?

While the exact date they started dating is not confirmed, Paige posted the first photo of Frankie on her Instagram in August 2016, captioning it with affection. By November, Frankie shared a selfie of the couple at the Grand Canyon, indicating their relationship had become more serious.

How Did Frankie Propose to Paige?

Frankie Muniz earned the title of “master of proposals” when he proposed to Paige during the Lantern Fest in Casa Grande, Arizona, on November 19, 2018. Surrounded by floating lanterns, Frankie got down on one knee, creating a magical moment that Paige shared on Instagram. Frankie expressed his gratitude for Paige, stating how she made his life instantly better. Their Thanksgiving dinner that year at Boston Market was memorable because they were together, highlighting the simplicity and joy of their relationship.

What Was Their Wedding Like?

Frankie and Paige initially eloped in a private ceremony on October 3, 2019. They exchanged vows at sunrise on Camelback Mountain in Arizona, with only five people in attendance. The couple decided to elope spontaneously, wanting to cherish the moment intimately. They hosted an official wedding ceremony on February 21, 2020, exactly four years after they met. Despite a small fire caused by dry florals and candles, the ceremony continued without a hitch. Frankie described it as “the best day of my life,” emphasizing the magical experience they shared.

How Did They Celebrate Their Wedding Anniversary?

Frankie and Paige’s official wedding anniversary on February 21 holds special significance as it marks the day they first met. Initially planning to host their wedding at their new home, they opted for a different location just 10 days before the event. The intimate ceremony, attended by 40 guests, featured the unique touch of the bride and groom walking into the ceremony holding hands after getting ready together.

How Did Their Family Life Begin?

Frankie and Paige welcomed their first child, Mauz Mosley Muniz, on March 22, 2021. Weighing exactly 7 pounds, Mauz’s birth marked a significant moment in their lives. Frankie shared his emotional experience of fatherhood on social media, expressing his profound love for his son and gratitude for Paige. He emphasized how becoming a father changed his life forever and his commitment to making the world a better place for his family.

What Business Ventures Have They Pursued Together?

In 2018, Frankie and Paige purchased an olive oil shop in Scottsdale, Arizona, named Outrageous Olive Oils & Vinegars. As frequent customers, they decided to take over the business when the previous owner chose to sell it. The couple took a hands-on approach to running the shop, managing everything from picking up products and bottling oils to handling finances and inventory. Their teamwork and dedication to the business reflect their strong partnership.

What is Pog and Mauz?

Paige Muniz launched Pog and Mauz, a business named after her nickname and their son Mauz. The venture aims to offer rare and unique products, providing great gift ideas for customers. Paige saw this as an opportunity to bond with her child and navigate parenthood while pursuing her entrepreneurial passions. The online store, currently “coming soon,” promises to bring special and curated items to its clientele.

How Has Paige Supported Frankie Through Tough Times?

Paige has been a pillar of support for Frankie through various challenges, including his health issues and personal setbacks. In 2018, when their brownstone was flooded due to their cat accidentally turning on a faucet, Paige was there to help Frankie navigate the crisis. Frankie frequently expresses his gratitude for Paige, acknowledging that she is his strength and exactly what he needs.

How Do They Enjoy the Spotlight Together?

Over the years, Frankie and Paige have graced numerous red carpets together, showcasing their strong bond. They have attended events like PEOPLE’s “Ones to Watch” and the Wildlife Warriors’ Steve Irwin Gala in Las Vegas. In May 2024, they were joined by their son Mauz, who made his red carpet debut, highlighting the family’s joy and togetherness.


Frankie and Paige Muniz’s journey is a testament to love, resilience, and partnership. From their spontaneous elopement and magical wedding to welcoming their son Mauz and running a business together, their story is filled with special moments and mutual support. As they continue to navigate life’s challenges and joys, Frankie and Paige remain an inspiring example of a strong, loving relationship built on trust and dedication.


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