Gary Owen Ex Wife, Family, Career & More

In an enlightening interview with Shannon Sharpe on her Club Shay Shay Podcast, Gary Owen revealed the complexity of his personal life. He also discussed the difficulties of his divorce, especially from his ex-wife and long-time partner, Kenya Duke. This is a detailed look at their journey together, from marriage to different careers.

What is Kenya Duke? How did she meet Gary Owen and who is she?

Kenya Duke is a Cincinnati-native and successful podcast host. She’s known for her honesty and humor. They crossed paths in Los Angeles in the early 2000s, at Owen’s stand up comedy show. Their relationship grew quickly, and they married for nearly 20 years.

What was their journey as a couple?

They shared a journey that took them from stand-up to real estate and then into reality television. In 2016, the couple costarred in “The Gary Owen Show,” an BET reality show that gave viewers a glimpse into their everyday lives, including their three children: Kennedy, Austin and Emilio, Duke’s son. The couple portrayed a blended, multi-generational family navigating showbiz’s pitfalls while striving to achieve success.

How did their divorce unfold and what was the impact?

Gary Owen and Kenya Duke divorced after 18 years of marriage. The process was public and contentious, taking around 18 months. Owen discussed the effects of the divorce in his interview with Shannon Sharpe. He shared insights on the emotional toll the divorce took on their relationship. Owen and Duke’s highly publicized divorce had a number of consequences that affected their professional and personal lives.

What Is Kenya Duke Doing Now?

Kenya Duke became a podcaster in 2023, when she launched her own show “Truly Kenya”. Her platform is a place for honest conversations about personal growth and mental health. It reflects the lessons she learned from her divorce and career. Duke worked in real-estate and is known for her entrepreneurial spirit. She uses her podcast to encourage others through her resilient attitude to adversity.

What Has Gary Owen’s Life Changed Since Divorce?

Owen has made strides as a comic and actor despite the difficulties of the separation. He has appeared in comedy films such as “Think Like a Man” and “Ride Along.” Owen and his fiancee welcomed twins in 2023, marking a new chapter of his life. Owen said in the Club Shay Shay interview that he is committed to maintaining positive relationships with both his children and his fiancee, as well as navigating new dynamics with their evolving family situation.

What can be learned from their story?

Gary Owen’s and Kenya Duke’s story illustrates how difficult it is to maintain a career in entertainment while navigating the public relationship. While the breakup of a long term partnership can be painful for both parties, it can offer an opportunity for personal growth and reinvention. Duke’s success as a podcast host, and Owen’s continuing success as a comedian serve as powerful reminders about resilience and adaptability.

Their story is ultimately a testament of embracing new beginnings and finding the strength to overcome difficult transitions. It provides valuable insights both into personal and professional relationships. Owen and Duke, despite their differences, both exemplify the commitment to improving themselves, motivated by a desire for a fulfilling life after their separation.


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