Gisele Bündchen Cheated, Gisele Bundchen’s Alleged Cheating Got Him Roast.

Tom Brady was honored as the guest of honor at Netflix’s live special “The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady”, though not all jokes hit home. Kevin Hart made headlines by targeting allegations of infidelity between Gisele Bundchen (Brady’s former partner) and him, leading to an uncomfortable moment for Brady himself.

How Did Tom Brady React to Kevin Hart’s Jokes About His Divorce?

Kevin Hart poked fun at Tom Brady during the roast by discussing his career choices and personal life – specifically his short retirement, subsequent return to football, alleged strain on their relationship, leading them to part ways ultimately leading them down this path of separation.

“Gisele gave you an ultimatum,” Hart joked, and mentioned Brady’s decision to return for another season as an indicator that Hart would probe deeper into delicate matters. This humorous jab at Brady was only the start. Hart would explore more delicate subject matter as time progressed.

Hart then brought up reports of Gisele Bundchen cheating on Joaquim Valente, her martial arts trainer. Hart stated, “Gisele, she f***ed her karate coach…Tom, how could you not see this coming after eight karate classes a day?”

Brady became visibly uncomfortable as the jokes continued. One roaster made fun of Brady’s lack of sacks, noting he had grown used to not being touched much – much like after ending a marriage!

What Has Gisele Bundchen Said About Cheating Rumors?

Gisele Bundchen has repeatedly denied allegations that she was unfaithful during her marriage with Brady and has maintained that their romance only began post-divorce. As for Valente, Gisele insists they met after they both separated.

Bundchen dismissed these rumors by asserting, “That’s a lie!” She noted how this has become common practice for women who choose to leave an abusive relationship but are then accused of infidelity; having done so, these women often face criticism from both communities and families when leaving it, leaving many feeling they must face consequences as a result of doing so.

Bundchen stressed that only those involved in an intimate relationship truly understand what goes on between partners, discrediting speculation about her private life.

Does Gisele Bundchen Believe Gisele Bundchen’s Denials?

Sources indicate that Tom Brady remains skeptical of Gisele Bundchen’s efforts to clarify her version of events, although an insider speculated he had accepted her relationship with Valente for now, though he suspected they may have been together longer than she admitted.

“If she wants people to think she only began dating Joaquim in June, that’s fine; however, they have been together longer and aren’t taking things slowly; Tom has accepted it.”

How Does Tom Brady Feel About Joaquim Valente’s Presence Around His Children?

Though Tom Brady still harbors doubts over the way his marriage ended, he recognizes Valente is having a positive effect on his children and believes his ex-wife’s new partner to be fundamentally good people.

“Tom and Joaquim do not get along, but because Joaquim is around his children, Tom must find the good in him and trust that he’s good person. If he ever becomes their father figure, Tom can adapt.”

What Are Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen Planning Next?

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen continue their recovery post-divorce with much fanfare from the public eye. Roasts such as The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady are intended as entertainment; yet their intimate nature demonstrates just how difficult some subjects may be for both of them.

Both Brady and Bundchen appear to be making strides forward, even as painful memories resurface occasionally. Now, all eyes are watching how this former couple navigate their new reality and fulfill co-parenting responsibilities effectively.


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