Gisele Tom Brady’s Wife, Is a Different Model Following His Split from Gisele

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen began their romantic journey together in December 2006 shortly after Brady’s highly publicized split with actress Bridget Moynahan. Through mutual friends, Gisele met Tom and she recalls that their first meeting: he smiled and I said to myself, ‘That is the most beautiful, charismatic smile I’ve ever seen!’ We sat and talked for three hours.”

Gisele found herself unwilling to part ways with Brady even as the holiday season approached, even if that meant returning home for Christmas. Ever since that day she shared that she and Brady hadn’t spent one single day apart from one another speaking.

Navigating Complexities: How did Brady’s Past Relationship Affect Their Early Romance?

Brady unexpectedly informed Gisele during their early days together of Bridget Moynahan’s pregnancy by Brady. Gisele was initially shocked and dismayed; nonetheless, she eventually accepted this news with love and care, noting how her heart expanded like never before upon meeting his arrival.

How Did Their Relationship Lead to Marriage and Family Life?

Tom and Gisele’s relationship blossomed quickly. Engaged in January 2009 and married just a month later in February, they welcomed Benjamin Rein into their lives as the first child that year; Vivian Lake joined in 2012 completing the family of four.

Facing Difficulties: How Has Brady’s Decision to Unretire Affected Their Marriage?

According to sources close to the couple, his decision to unretire had caused significant strain in their relationship. An insider reported: “There’s been tension. She was overjoyed when he announced his retirement announcement; now, they seem to be going through a rough patch.”

Brady attempted to reconcile and make things work despite these difficulties; however, tensions proved too great and on October 28, 2022 they filed for divorce.

After their divorce, Brady announced his final retirement from professional football on January 20, 2023 through an Instagram post on Instagram, thanking all his family, friends, teammates and supporters and emphasizing that this decision would “for good”.

Gisele showed grace and generosity as she extended best wishes for Brady to continue his new journey with all sorts of success and happiness.

Sources revealed to Page Six that, although Brady is now enjoying single life, he remains focused on his family. “No formal dating is happening right now – his friends want to set him up, but his focus remains solely on his kids,” one source stated. Brady put everything he had into his final NFL season but is ready to focus on giving everything to his new family and new life now.

Looking Ahead: How Will Brady Tackle Life After Football and Divorce?

Since retiring and divorcing, sources told TMZ that Tom Brady has remained intensely committed to fatherhood. He currently divides his time between Miami and New York supporting his children’s needs and caring for John “Jack,” his oldest child from Moynahan who lives there and plays football while Gisele Bundchen helped find schools for Gisele as she looked for places for them both to enroll their children.

“Tom Brady has emerged from football retirement into a new chapter focused on fatherhood and post-marriage life.” Although his NFL career ended unexpectedly and marriage ended short of expectations, Tom’s commitment to his children remains paramount as he navigates life after Gisele.


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