Haris Rauf Wife Age, Family, Career & More

Haris Rauf, born on November 7, 1993, in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, is a renowned Pakistani cricketer. As of now, he is 31 years old and boasts a net worth of approximately $3.69 million. Rauf has garnered significant recognition and accolades in the cricketing world due to his exceptional bowling skills and dedication to the sport.

What is Haris Rauf’s Early Life Like?

Haris Rauf was born and raised in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. His father, Rauf Ahmed, played a significant role in his upbringing. Details about his mother and siblings are currently not available. Rauf’s early education took place at Islamabad Model College, from which he graduated. His early life was deeply rooted in Rawalpindi, where he nurtured his passion for cricket.

How Did Haris Rauf Start His Cricket Career?

Haris Rauf’s cricketing journey began in the streets of Rawalpindi. He initially played tennis ball cricket and was discovered by the Lahore Qalandars’ talent hunt program in 2017. This discovery marked the beginning of his professional cricket career. His raw pace and natural talent caught the eye of selectors, and he soon became a prominent figure in domestic cricket.

What are Haris Rauf’s Key Achievements in Cricket?

Haris Rauf’s rise in cricket has been meteoric. He made his debut in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) with Lahore Qalandars and quickly became one of the fastest bowlers in the league. His impressive performances in the PSL earned him a spot in the Pakistan national team. Rauf has since been an integral part of Pakistan’s bowling attack, known for his ability to bowl at high speeds and deliver crucial wickets.

Who is Haris Rauf’s Spouse?

Haris Rauf is married to Muzna Masood Malik. Details about their relationship and personal life are relatively private, but their bond is well-known among fans and the cricket community. Muzna has been a supportive partner throughout Rauf’s career, and their relationship is a significant aspect of his personal life.

What is Haris Rauf’s Education Background?

Haris Rauf completed his education at Islamabad Model College. His educational journey was parallel to his budding cricket career. While his focus shifted more towards cricket over time, his education played a vital role in shaping his early years and providing a balanced foundation for his professional life.

What are Haris Rauf’s Physical Attributes?

Haris Rauf stands tall at 5 feet 11 inches and maintains a weight of around 70 kilograms. His physical fitness is a crucial aspect of his cricketing career, allowing him to sustain high levels of performance on the field. His height and physique contribute significantly to his bowling style and effectiveness.

What is Haris Rauf’s Net Worth?

As of now, Haris Rauf has an estimated net worth of $3.69 million. His earnings come from his cricketing contracts, endorsements, and various brand deals. Rauf’s financial success is a testament to his hard work and dedication to the sport of cricket.

What is Haris Rauf’s Family Background?

Haris Rauf comes from a supportive family background. His father, Rauf Ahmed, has been a significant influence in his life. While details about his mother and siblings are currently unavailable, it is evident that his family has played a supportive role in his career. Rauf’s family continues to be a pillar of strength for him as he navigates his professional journey.

What are Haris Rauf’s Interests and Hobbies?

Beyond cricket, Haris Rauf has a keen interest in fitness and maintaining his physical well-being. His training routines and fitness regimes are integral to his performance on the field. Additionally, he enjoys spending time with his family and close friends, balancing his professional commitments with personal relaxation.

How Does Haris Rauf Contribute to the Community?

Haris Rauf is known for his humility and connection to his roots. He actively participates in community activities and supports various charitable initiatives. Rauf’s journey from street cricket to international fame serves as an inspiration to many young aspiring cricketers in Pakistan.

What is Haris Rauf’s Future in Cricket?

Looking ahead, Haris Rauf’s future in cricket appears bright. With his consistent performances and dedication, he is poised to achieve even greater milestones in his career. Fans and cricket analysts alike are eager to see how he will continue to evolve and contribute to Pakistan’s success in international cricket.


Haris Rauf’s journey from the streets of Rawalpindi to the international cricket arena is a remarkable story of talent, hard work, and perseverance. With a net worth of $3.69 million and numerous achievements under his belt, Rauf continues to inspire and captivate cricket fans around the world. His personal life, professional accomplishments, and future prospects make him a notable figure in the world of sports.


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