Heidi Klum Son Henry, How Did Heidi Klum Celebrate Her Son Henry’s High School Graduation?

Heidi Klum, 51, celebrated a significant milestone in her son Henry’s life by cheering him on at his high school graduation. Klum, whose net worth is estimated to be around $160 million, took to Instagram on June 7 to express her pride and joy. “CONGRATULATIONS HENRY. We are all sooo proud of you ❤️,” she wrote, sharing several videos of Henry, 18, in his blue cap and gown walking across the stage to receive his diploma.

Who Accompanied Heidi Klum at the Graduation Ceremony?

Joining Klum at the ceremony was her husband, Tom Kaulitz, a 34-year-old guitarist for the band Tokio Hotel. Kaulitz was seen sitting next to the Project Runway host with his arm around her shoulders as they watched the ceremony. The couple, who married in February 2019, looked on proudly as Henry took this significant step in his academic journey.

What Message Did Heidi Klum Share About Her Son’s Achievement?

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Klum wrote, “You did it my beautiful boy. College here we come 🥳🎉SHINE BRIGHT ❤️,” celebrating Henry’s transition from high school to college. The message was accompanied by videos from the graduation, showcasing her immense pride in her son’s accomplishments.

How Does Klum’s Family Dynamic Influence Their Public Appearances?

Henry is Klum’s second oldest child with her ex-husband, British soul singer Seal. The former couple, who were married for seven years before their split in 2012, also share three other children: Leni, 20, Johan, 17, and Lou, 14. Despite their parents’ fame, the children are typically kept out of the spotlight. However, Klum occasionally shares glimpses of her family life, like the rare snapshot of all four kids she posted on June 2 to celebrate her 51st birthday. “All I could wish for,” she captioned the photo.

How Has Tom Kaulitz Adapted to His Role as a Stepfather?

Klum has often praised Kaulitz’s ability to step into the role of stepfather to her four children. “He’s amazing,” she told Us Weekly in January 2022. Klum acknowledged the challenges Kaulitz faced in becoming part of an established family with teenagers, noting that the children were easier to manage when they were younger. She shared that Kaulitz has been actively involved, even teaching Leni and Henry how to drive. “It’s beautiful,” Klum said. “It’s fun. I mean, so far, so good.”

What Are Henry’s Plans After High School?

As Henry prepares to embark on his college journey, Klum’s eldest child, Leni, has already started to make a name for herself in the modeling industry. Leni, who began her modeling career despite initial hesitations from her mother, told Vogue Germany in December 2020 about her early interest in modeling. “The first offer came when I was only 12 or 13, from a brand I liked to wear: Brandy Melville. At that time I begged my mother, but no chance. Now I understand that it would have been too early.”

How Does Klum Support Her Children’s Career Choices?

Klum has always been supportive of her children’s career aspirations. Speaking about Leni’s modeling career, Klum told Us Weekly in 2022, “I think it’s so wonderful how she’s not trying to be me. She’s not trying to be someone else. Like, she is shorter for a model, and she owns it. … She’s had a camera in her face since she was born, so she sees the camera more as her friend than her enemy. So I feel like she’s super easygoing in front of the camera and always has the best time.”

How Does Klum Balance Her Professional and Personal Life?

Despite her busy career, Klum ensures that she remains a devoted mother. Her ability to balance her professional commitments with her family responsibilities is commendable. She often shares snippets of her personal life on social media, giving fans a glimpse into her world as a mother and wife. Her posts reflect her deep love and pride for her children, celebrating their milestones and achievements with her followers.

What Is the Secret to Klum and Kaulitz’s Strong Relationship?

Klum and Kaulitz’s relationship appears to be built on mutual respect and support. Their public appearances often show them as a united front, whether at family events or industry functions. Klum’s praise for Kaulitz’s parenting skills highlights the strong bond they share and the collaborative approach they take in raising the children.


Heidi Klum’s celebration of her son Henry’s high school graduation is a testament to her role as a proud and supportive mother. Surrounded by her family, including husband Tom Kaulitz, Klum’s joy and pride were palpable. As Henry steps into the next chapter of his life, Klum’s unwavering support and love will undoubtedly continue to guide him.


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