Heidi Range Husband, Get Complete Details All About Alex Partakis

Heidi Range, the former member of the popular girl group Sugababes, has shared some exciting insights about her life and future plans. At 41, with a net worth of around $8 million, Heidi remains vibrant and engaged with her fans. Married to property developer Alex Partakis since 2016, the couple has two daughters, Aurelia, born in 2018, and Athena, born in 2021. In a recent interview, Heidi discussed her thoughts on expanding her family, renewing her wedding vows, and the possibility of reuniting with Sugababes.

How Has Life Been Treating Heidi Range?

Heidi Range is enjoying life to the fullest. She mentioned that she feels great and is grateful for her family and career. Despite turning 41, she attributes her youthful appearance to good make-up, a talented hairstylist friend, and a positive outlook on life.

What Are Heidi’s Birthday Plans?

With her busy life as a mother of two young daughters, Heidi hasn’t had much time to think about her upcoming birthday. She reflected on how quickly time flies, remembering how recently she celebrated her 40th birthday.

Is This the Best Decade for Heidi?

Heidi expressed that she loves this decade of her life. She feels more confident and less worried about the small things, enjoying the maturity and assurance that come with her 40s.

Could There Be a Sugababes Reunion?

When asked about the possibility of a Sugababes reunion, Heidi said she would never say never. While she has been in touch with her former bandmates, there are no concrete plans at the moment. She remains open to the idea of performing again, possibly exploring solo projects in the future.

What’s Next for Heidi in Her Music Career?

Heidi loves singing and remains passionate about music. Although her primary focus has been on raising her daughters, she expressed a desire to explore new musical opportunities as her children get older. However, she clarified that there are no current plans for collaborations with former bandmates Amelle and Jade.

Any Exciting Plans for the Year?

For now, Heidi’s dream project is simply to enjoy a relaxing summer holiday. After a challenging week with her two-year-old daughter being ill, she looks forward to some much-needed rest and family time.

Would Heidi Join Strictly Come Dancing?

Heidi is enthusiastic about the idea of joining “Strictly Come Dancing.” She loves the show and would be thrilled to participate, particularly with Johannes as her dream partner. Despite her dance training from childhood, she acknowledges that ballroom dancing would be a new and exciting challenge.

Are There Plans to Renew Wedding Vows?

Heidi revealed that she and Alex are considering renewing their wedding vows, possibly for their tenth anniversary. She loves the idea of revisiting Florence, where they originally tied the knot, and involving their daughters in the ceremony. Heidi also mentioned she could still fit into her original wedding dress, adding a nostalgic touch to the potential celebration.

Will There Be a Third Baby for Heidi and Alex?

While Heidi would love to have a third child, her husband Alex is content with their two daughters. Despite her longing for another baby, Alex remains firm in his decision, enjoying the family they have now.

Do Heidi’s Daughters Show Interest in Showbiz?

Heidi’s daughters, aged two and six, have already shown a love for music, dance, and dress-up. While she supports whatever path they choose, she finds joy in their budding interests and the cute moments they share, like when her younger daughter told her she looked like a mermaid.


Heidi Range continues to inspire with her positive outlook on life, balancing her career ambitions with family commitments. Whether it’s a potential Sugababes reunion, exploring solo music projects, or the heartfelt desire to expand her family, Heidi’s story remains one of love, passion, and dedication. Fans eagerly await her next steps, be it in music, family life, or perhaps even a dazzling performance on “Strictly Come Dancing.”


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