Howard Stern Nikki Glaser, Nikki Glaser and Her Boyfriend Have Been Together for Ten Years.

On Sunday night, comedy lovers experienced one of the night’s most thrilling events at Netflix’s “Greatest Roast of All Time.” A wide range of comedians and celebrities took jabs at NFL legend Tom Brady – among them, Nikki Glaser who is famed for her sharp wit and unrestrained sense of humor; Nikki delivered an outstanding set and became one of the night’s standout performers.

Glaser was unafraid of performing live on Netflix despite its high-profile audience and pressure of performing for it; she exuded confidence while unleashing her signature barbs with impunity. According to Howard Stern, she stated “This is by far my largest crowd ever, performing for something new that I hadn’t done in any context before – it was extremely terrifying!” “This situation presents high risk; therefore I was very nervous going in!”

Nikki managed to give an outstanding performance, earning a standing ovation from host Kevin Hart. “You were killing it,” Stern echoed back clips of Nikki’s clever jokes.

What Was Excluded From the Roast?

Like any comedy roast, not every joke made the final cut for this event. Many took aim at Brady’s relationships, ex-teammates and career controversies but there was one topic off limits: his children. Nikki commented, “we decided collectively not to involve his children too heavily since they did not ask us.”

Nikki made some new jokes that she did not include during her interview with Stern, such as, “Thank you all for coming tonight and taking some time away from cheating on your wives,” which was followed by, “it’s not their wives’ fault for aging naturally!”

Did Jeff Ross Really Upset Tom Brady?

Comedian Jeff Ross, known for his provocative roasts, took aim at New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft by alluding to his massage parlor scandal. Tom Brady responded by demanding Ross “never say that sh*t again,” sparking further discussion and speculation. Nikki commented on this possibility and suggested it may have been real as she felt it likely protect his friend Robert Kraft more. “Tom had to perform for Robert so it shouldn’t become an issue today with Jeff,” Nikki noted.

Nikki Glaser credits comedy with saving her life, specifically from an eating disorder she developed as a teenager. When her friend encouraged her to try stand-up comedy during college, it proved instrumental in finding purpose and recovery – especially inspired by Sarah Silverman and others such as she. Nikki embraced crafting biting one-liners that showcased her comedic skills – ultimately finding herself on stage!

How Has Nikki’s Relationship Evolved Over Time?

Nikki and Chris Convy have been involved in an on/off relationship for more than 10 years. After giving up alcohol, Nikki took some time to assess her approach to relationships – initially thinking “getting a boyfriend” meant simply being agreeable – but as she learned how to be open and honest their bond has only strengthened further.

Nikki revealed, “He really got me to stop lying,” though she still occasionally struggled with being honest in her responses. Their relationship is explored further in Nikki Glaser: Someday You’ll Die,” premiering May 11 on HBO.

Nikki Spent $25,000 Following Taylor Swift

As an avid Swiftie, Nikki spent over $25,000 following Taylor Swift on her recent tour. Although originally planning to freeze her eggs, she changed her mind after her boyfriend suggested she should focus on what brought her joy: Taylor Swift is her life and should attend every opportunity possible.” So Nikki did just that.

As part of her comedy tour across 60 cities, Swift attended 12 different performances on her tour and delighted in each performance she witnessed.

What’s Next for Nikki Glaser?

With her forthcoming HBO special “Nikki Glaser: Someday You’ll Die,” as well as Netflix’s success of their Tom Brady Roast, Nikki continues to build her iconic comedy legacy. From discussing relationships to roasts or the joys of music fandom, her candid and introspective humor leaves audiences laughing while simultaneously considering life’s intricacies.


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