Howie Mandel Wife and Kids, Get Complete Details All About Howie Mandel

Howie Mandel, renowned comedian and judge on “America’s Got Talent,” is also a dedicated family man. With an estimated net worth of $60 million at the age of 68, Howie has found his greatest pride in his three children with his wife, Terry Mandel.

How Did Howie and Terry Mandel Meet?

Howie met Terry when they were both attending William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Canada. Their teenage romance blossomed into a lifelong partnership, culminating in their marriage on March 16, 1980. Over four decades of marriage, they welcomed three children: Jackelyn (Jackie), Alex, and Riley.

Who Is Jackelyn Shultz?

Jackelyn Shultz, born in 1984, is Howie and Terry’s eldest child at 39 years old. Growing up in the public eye, Jackelyn frequently accompanied her father to Hollywood events. She has carved out her own niche in the entertainment industry, co-hosting the podcast “Howie Mandel Does Stuff” with her father and serving as a special correspondent for “America’s Got Talent” on PEOPLE (The TV Show!). Additionally, she shares glimpses of her life as a mother of two on YouTube and TikTok. Jackelyn is married to DJ Alex Shultz, and they have two children, Abbey and Axel.

What Are Jackelyn Shultz’s Struggles and Achievements?

Both Jackelyn and Howie share a bond over their struggles with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Howie’s openness about his mental health has been a source of comfort and understanding for Jackelyn. Despite these challenges, she has thrived professionally and personally, maintaining a close relationship with her father.

Who Is Alex Mandel?

Alex Mandel, born on September 30, 1989, is Howie and Terry’s second child and only son. At 33 years old, Alex has followed in his father’s comedic footsteps, creating content on YouTube and Instagram. He has a substantial online following and frequently collaborates with his father on various projects.

How Did Alex Mandel Overcome Childhood Struggles?

Alex faced a significant challenge growing up with a stutter. Howie has spoken publicly about his son’s struggle, sharing that it was a major hurdle. Despite this, Alex has pursued a successful career in comedy and entertainment. He also advocates for mental health awareness, drawing from his own experiences with ADD and anxiety.

Who Is Riley Ehrlich?

Riley Ehrlich, born in 1992, is the youngest of Howie and Terry’s children, currently 31 years old. Unlike her siblings, Riley chose a different career path, focusing on health and wellness. She graduated with honors from Chapman University, earning a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2018. Riley now works as a holistic health coach, sharing fitness routines and wellness tips with her Instagram followers.

What Is Riley Ehrlich’s Personal Life Like?

Riley married Cameron Ehrlich on June 29, 2019, in a ceremony officiated by her brother Alex. The couple has been together since their teenage years. In January 2024, Howie announced on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” that Riley is expecting her first child, a baby girl, who will be Howie’s third grandchild.

How Does Howie Mandel Reflect on Parenthood?

Howie Mandel often speaks about the lessons he hopes to impart to his children. In an interview with Parade Magazine, he emphasized the importance of finding joy in one’s work rather than focusing on money or fame. He also acknowledged his limitations as a parent, admitting that while he tried to set rules for his children, they ultimately grew into their independence.

What Role Does Terry Mandel Play in Their Children’s Lives?

Howie credits Terry with their children’s academic success, noting that she provided the stability and support that he could not. Terry’s influence is evident in their children’s achievements, particularly in their dedication to their respective careers and personal growth.

How Has Howie Mandel’s Relationship with His Children Evolved?

As his children have grown, Howie’s relationship with them has deepened. Despite the challenges of parenting, especially with his own mental health struggles, Howie has fostered a close bond with each of his children. His public discussions about mental health have also helped normalize these conversations within his family.

What Is the Future for Howie Mandel’s Family?

The Mandel family continues to thrive, with each member pursuing their passions and careers. As they expand their family with new grandchildren, Howie looks forward to the joy and challenges that come with being a grandfather. He humorously notes the pleasure of enjoying his grandchildren and then being able to “give them back” when needed.


Howie Mandel’s journey as a father has been as dynamic as his career. With three successful children, each carving their own path, Howie and Terry Mandel have much to be proud of. Their family’s story is a testament to the strength of love, resilience, and the importance of mental health awareness.


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