Hunter Biden Ex Wife, Ex-Wife and Ex-Girlfriend Discuss His Drug Usage and Struggles with Sobriety

Hunter Biden, son of U.S. President Joe Biden, faces a federal gun trial with significant testimonies from his ex-wife Kathleen Buhle and other individuals romantically involved with him. Hunter Biden, 54, who has an estimated net worth of $3 million, pleaded not guilty to the charges, which could lead to up to 25 years in prison and $750,000 in fines if convicted on all counts. This article delves into the intricate details of the trial and the key testimonies presented.

What Are the Charges Against Hunter Biden?

Hunter Biden has been charged with three felonies related to his purchase of a Colt Cobra .38 Special revolver in October 2018. He is accused of making false statements on a federal gun form about his drug use, certifying he was not a user of or addicted to any controlled substance while allegedly being addicted to crack cocaine. The firearm remained in his possession for 11 days before being discarded by Hallie Biden, the widow of his brother Beau Biden and his romantic partner at the time.

Who Are the Key Witnesses in the Trial?

Kathleen Buhle’s Testimony

Kathleen Buhle, Hunter Biden’s ex-wife, testified about their tumultuous marriage, which lasted 20 years and produced three daughters. Buhle revealed she found a crack pipe in 2015, which led to Hunter admitting his drug use. She described how his behavior changed drastically when using drugs, becoming angry and short-tempered. Buhle recounted how she searched his car for drugs to protect their teenage children and attempted to get him into rehab. Their marriage ultimately ended due to his addiction and alleged infidelity.

Zoe Kestan’s Testimony

Zoe Kestan, who was romantically involved with Hunter around 2017-2018, provided detailed accounts of his drug use. She met Hunter at a gentlemen’s club in December 2017 and witnessed him smoking crack within minutes of their subsequent meeting at a hotel. Kestan described numerous instances of drug and alcohol use across various locations, highlighting his frequent cash withdrawals for drug deals and the presence of drug paraphernalia. She also shared photographs she took of Hunter, including one showing him with a crack pipe.

What Did Gordon Cleveland Testify About the Gun Purchase?

Gordon Cleveland, the firearms dealer who sold Hunter Biden the gun, testified about the purchase process. He stated that Hunter appeared to understand the Form 4473, which he filled out during the purchase. Cleveland noted that Hunter paid in cash and left change for him, which Cleveland stored in an envelope by the register. Prosecutors presented the firearm to Cleveland and the jury, underscoring the seriousness of the case.

How Did Hunter Biden’s Attorney Challenge the Evidence?

Hunter Biden’s defense attorney, Abbe Lowell, sought to cast doubt on the authenticity of the personal messages allegedly from Hunter’s devices. FBI special agent Erika Jensen, called to verify these messages, admitted she could not confirm if the contents had been tampered with before law enforcement collected the laptop from the repair shop. Lowell emphasized that the text messages did not specifically reference drugs, attempting to challenge the prosecution’s portrayal of Hunter as an active drug user during the gun purchase.

What Additional Evidence Was Presented?

Prosecutors presented voice recordings of Hunter Biden reading from his memoir, “Beautiful Things,” where he detailed his drug use around the time of the gun purchase. These recordings elicited emotional reactions from Hunter’s family, including first lady Jill Biden. Bank statements were also introduced, showing Hunter Biden withdrew over $151,000 in cash between September and November 2018, including $5,000 on the day he bought the gun.

What Are the Implications for Hunter Biden?

If convicted on all counts, Hunter Biden could face severe penalties, including up to 25 years in prison and substantial fines. His trial continues amid significant public and media scrutiny, particularly given his familial connections and the concurrent federal tax charges he faces in California. These charges, which involve allegations of a scheme to avoid paying $1.4 million in federal taxes, are not admissible in his gun trial but further complicate his legal challenges.

What Is the Biden Family’s Reaction?

First lady Jill Biden has been a consistent presence in the courtroom, providing emotional support to Hunter. President Joe Biden, currently in France for D-Day commemorations, is not attending the trial. The family’s public and private reactions reflect the personal toll this trial is taking on them, adding a poignant dimension to the legal proceedings.

What’s Next in the Trial?

The trial is set to continue with further testimonies, including from Hallie Biden, who found and discarded the gun at the center of the case. Her testimony is anticipated to shed more light on the circumstances surrounding the firearm and Hunter Biden’s state during that period. As the trial progresses, the defense and prosecution will continue to present their arguments, with the outcome likely to have significant legal and personal ramifications for Hunter Biden and his family.


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