Is Colby Ryan Still Married? Every Detail Regarding Kelsee Ryan & Colby Tyan

Colby Ryan, the firstborn of Lori Vallow Daybell, remains a figure of public intrigue due to the tragic history involving his family. While his personal life is shrouded in mystery, it’s essential to explore his past marriage, family background, and recent legal troubles to gain a clearer understanding of Colby Ryan’s current circumstances.

Who Is Colby Ryan?

Colby Ryan, the eldest son of Lori Vallow Daybell, gained significant attention following the mysterious disappearance and deaths of his two younger siblings, Tylee and JJ, in 2020. He expressed his grief publicly through a heartfelt eulogy and later in a Netflix documentary, “Sins of Our Mother,” where he detailed his family’s complex relationship and his mother’s involvement in a religious cult. Despite the harrowing events surrounding his family, Colby remains committed to honoring his siblings’ memories and seeking justice for them.

Was Colby Ryan Married to Kelsee Ryan?

Colby Ryan married Kelsee Benson (later Kelsee Ryan) in December 2018. Their relationship began during their junior high years and culminated in a wedding ceremony in Colby’s grandparents’ backyard. The couple welcomed two children during their marriage, and Kelsee participated in “Sins of Our Mother” to share her perspective on their family saga.

What Led to Their Separation?

In September 2022, Kelsee Ryan accused Colby of sexual offenses, leading to his arrest. However, the charges were dismissed, and the nature of the accusations remains largely undisclosed. The marriage ended amidst the legal troubles, leaving Colby and Kelsee estranged.

How Did Colby Respond to His Mother’s Triple-Murder Trial?

In April 2023, Colby Ryan took the witness stand during Lori Vallow Daybell’s triple-murder trial. He spoke out against his mother, confronting her for the deaths of Tylee and JJ and expressing his profound disappointment. His testimony revealed the emotional toll taken on him and reflected his dedication to finding the truth.

What Is Colby Ryan’s Current Relationship Status?

As of late 2021, Colby Ryan remained unattached following his separation from Kelsee. He has since maintained a low profile on social media, refraining from public appearances. This silence suggests that he may be focused on handling legal matters and ensuring the well-being of his children.

What Is Colby Ryan’s Career and Financial Status?

Colby Ryan authored “The God Over Odds,” a memoir detailing his journey of self-discovery after leaving behind a troubled family dynamic. He has also appeared in Netflix’s “Sins of Our Mother,” where he delves deeper into his family’s history. His financial status is estimated to range between $1 million and $5 million, stemming from his previous ventures.

How Is Colby Ryan Coping With Recent Events?

Colby has been coping with legal issues, the passing of his siblings, and the media spotlight surrounding his mother’s trial. Despite these challenges, he remains focused on achieving justice and protecting his children. In his book, Colby emphasizes the solace he found through his faith, offering a glimpse into how he continues to move forward.


Colby Ryan’s life has been marked by tragedy and controversy. Previously married to Kelsee Ryan, he now appears to focus on the welfare of his children and seeking justice for his siblings. With unresolved legal challenges and the public scrutiny surrounding his mother’s trial, Colby Ryan remains a central figure in the unfolding narrative of the Vallow-Daybell family tragedy.


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