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NBA superstar Isaiah Hartenstein and model Kourtney Kellar first met on social media. In the year 2019, Hartenstein, intrigued by Kellar’s beautiful smile, made a sly slip into Kellar’s Instagram direct messages and offered an empathetic message. In spite of Kellar’s Instagram feed being full of stunning and beautiful pictures, Hartenstein chose a picture of her wearing the turtleneck to be his most favorite. They began to exchange messages, and eventually met in person. Their first meeting took place at a restaurant, following several weeks of FaceTime conversations. Kellar who lived in Dallas when Hartenstein was playing with the Houston Rockets, jokingly mentioned that she had to verify that he was not the “serial killer” before agreeing to meet. The first date went well and they began a romantic relationship that quickly grew.

What Is Kourtney Kellar’s Background and Career?

Growing up from Dallas, Texas, Kourtney Kellar is one of the three siblings. Kellar attended Henderson State University in Arkansas and graduated in 2014 with a the degree of athletic training. In order to support herself in the college years, Kellar was a model for companies such as Dillard’s and Walmart. Despite a rough beginning to her career however, she persevered and ultimately took home the title of Miss Texas International in 2017. Following her reign in the title, she was able to gain traction as a ring lady and Supercross model which allowed her to establish her social media and network presence. In 2021 she signed a contract to Lipps Los Angeles and Select Miami, which boosted her profile and enabled her to model at major fashion shows. She was even featured on the front cover of Malvie magazine, and also modeled at New York Fashion Week.

How Did Their Relationship Progress to Marriage?

After a few several years Isaiah Hartenstein proposed to Kourtney Kellar at the Malibu beach during April of 2022. The proposal took Kellar off guard, since she was trying to convince her boyfriend be a part of a couple’s photoshoot for a long time. Hartenstein was finally willing, as long as that he was able to choose the photographer, settling on Isaiah King, who had previously worked for The Los Angeles Clippers. In the course of the shoot, Hartenstein kneeled down in front of her and presented her with a diamond-encrusted ring, that led to a touching proposal that saw Kellar “ugly cried.” The couple got married on a boat that spans 6,000 square feet located in Newport Beach, California, in July 2023. Kellar picked a Rebecca Schoneveld wedding dress to channel the classic Hollywood glamour, and Hartenstein chose the classic black suit. The intimate ceremony was attended by just 60 guests. They emphasized the family as well as friends.

What Role Does Social Media Play in Their Lives?

Kourtney Kellar’s profile in Instagram as well as TikTok has helped her build a large following. She has also given her fans an insight into her lives as a couple with Isaiah Hartenstein. With nearly 700,000 fans on Instagram and close to half a million users on TikTok she’s an extremely influential influencer. Her posts cover intimate moments such as their wedding proposal and proposal to her modeling portfolio as well as daily day life of the NBA wife. Her most popular videos show game day preparations, with Kellar organizing Hartenstein’s clothing and designing custom-made items that their family members can wear for games. Her enthusiastic courtside support shows her passion for basketball, which she discovered as an avid Dallas Mavericks fan.

How Are They Embracing Parenthood?

On January 20, 2024 Isaiah Hartenstein and Kourtney Kellar announced with joy that they had their first baby boy due in June 2024. Their announcement video was shot on Madison Square Garden, home of the New York Knicks, and included a baby onesie and ultrasound pictures. Kellar hilariously captioned their video “7 foot baby loading” …,” which refers to Hartenstein’s impressive size as a 7-foot NBA player. The announcement comes after their wedding and engagement ceremony, announcing an exciting fresh chapter of their lives together as they begin the process of becoming motherhood.

What Lies Ahead for the Couple?

With Kellar’s increasing influence, and Hartenstein’s promising NBA career The couple has taken on their new roles as parents-to-be. They continue to post their excitement and joy on social media as they prepare for the birth with their baby. Fans can anticipate regular updates as the couple travels the road to parenthood while balancing the responsibilities and the rewards that go along with it.


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