Isaiah Hartenstein Wife, Entire Kourtney Kellar Biography

NBA player Isaiah Hartenstein and model Kourtney Kellar are not just celebrating their first year of marriage but are also eagerly anticipating the arrival of their first child. Here’s a closer look at their journey from Instagram DMs to starting a family.

How Did Isaiah Hartenstein and Kourtney Kellar Meet?

Isaiah Hartenstein, a player for the New York Knicks, first connected with Kourtney Kellar in 2019. The initial interaction was on Instagram, where Hartenstein complimented Kellar’s smile, setting a romantic tone that stood out amidst typical social media exchanges. After some time messaging back and forth, the pair decided to meet in person, marking the beginning of their relationship.

Where Did Kourtney Kellar Grow Up?

Kourtney Kellar hails from Dallas, Texas, where she was the youngest of three children. She pursued higher education at Henderson State University in Arkansas, earning a degree in athletic training in 2014. Modeling became a way for her to finance her college education, leading to her eventual career in the industry.

How Did Kellar Begin Her Modeling Career?

While in college, Kellar began modeling to support herself, working for brands like Dillard’s and Walmart. Post-graduation, her return to Dallas didn’t immediately lead to success in signing with a modeling agency. However, her participation in the Miss Texas International pageant in 2017, where she won the title, significantly boosted her career. This victory paved the way for opportunities as a Supercross Rockstar model and Tecate ring girl, culminating in high-profile gigs, such as the Canelo Álvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin II fight in Las Vegas.

What Was Kourtney Kellar’s Path to Fame?

Kellar’s modeling career truly took off in 2021 when she signed with Lipps LA and Select Miami agencies. Her participation in Miami Swim Week and subsequent appearances at New York Fashion Week, along with a cover feature in Malvie magazine, solidified her status in the industry. Her online presence, with nearly half a million followers on TikTok and over 700,000 on Instagram, further augmented her influence as a social media personality.

How Did Hartenstein Propose to Kellar?

The proposal came in April 2022 on a beach in Malibu, California. Hartenstein orchestrated the surprise during a photo shoot, under the pretense of needing solo shots of Kellar. He chose an oval-shaped diamond ring for the occasion. Kellar, expecting nothing more than a photo shoot, was overjoyed and emotional when Hartenstein knelt down on one knee, capturing a beautiful moment of surprise and happiness.

How Did Kellar Go Viral?

Kellar gained significant attention as a ring girl during the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley boxing match in September 2021. Logan Paul’s apparent flirtation with her, captured in the background, went viral, causing a stir on social media. Kellar humorously acknowledged the incident on her Instagram Story, further increasing her visibility and following.

What Is Life Like as an NBA Wife for Kellar?

Kellar frequently shares glimpses of her life as an NBA wife on social media, offering her followers an inside look at game days and the behind-the-scenes of supporting Hartenstein. She enjoys creating custom merchandise for their families and often posts TikToks detailing her experiences at games. Her passion for basketball, influenced by her childhood as a Dallas Mavericks fan, shines through in her enthusiastic support for her husband.

When Did Hartenstein and Kellar Get Married?

The couple exchanged vows on July 29, 2023, in a picturesque ceremony held on a 6,000-square-foot yacht in Newport Beach, California. The intimate gathering included approximately 60 guests, focusing on family and close friends. Kellar embodied old Hollywood glamour in a halter-style gown by Rebecca Schoneveld, while Hartenstein wore a classic black tuxedo from Festari for Men.

When Is Their Baby Due?

In January 2024, Hartenstein and Kellar joyfully announced that they are expecting their first child, a baby boy, due in June 2024. Kellar shared the news with a heartwarming video taken at Madison Square Garden, the home of the Knicks, featuring a baby onesie and ultrasound photos.

What’s Next for the Hartenstein Family?

As they prepare for their baby’s arrival, Hartenstein and Kellar are undoubtedly excited about the new chapter in their lives. Balancing an NBA career and a growing family, the couple continues to share their journey, inspiring fans with their love story and anticipation of becoming parents.


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