Jack Hendry Wife, Examine Jack Hendry and Robyn Keen’s First Child Expectation

Robyn Keen and her partner, Jack Hendry, have shared wonderful news on social media. Robyn, 27, who is currently training to become a clinical psychologist, and Jack, 29, a professional footballer with an impressive net worth of approximately $5 million, are expecting their first child together. The announcement came on a special day for the former Celtic footballer as he also celebrated his 29th birthday.

How Did Robyn Keen Announce the Pregnancy?

Robyn Keen shared a sunny photo on Instagram of the couple in matching blue pool attire, proudly showcasing her baby bump in a bikini. She captioned the snap, “Half me and half you,” while Jack wore a cool blue t-shirt and checkered shorts. The post quickly garnered attention and congratulations from friends, family, and fans alike.

What Was the Reaction on Social Media?

The Instagram post was met with a flood of well-wishes and excitement. Jack’s sister, Melissa Hendry, expressed her joy, saying, “The best news! Auntie Mel can’t wait to meet you baby bear.” Fans also shared their happiness with comments like, “Wow stunning mummy to be,” and “So happy for you both!” Another fan added, “Omg I’m in shock so happy for you guys! What a blessing gonna be so lucky with a mum like you.”

How Did Jack Hendry Celebrate His Birthday?

The day was particularly special for Jack Hendry as he celebrated both the news of becoming a father and his 29th birthday. This double celebration marked a joyous milestone for the couple. In a later Instagram story, Robyn shared a cute photo of their black Labrador, Hector, with two blue balloons attached to his collar, one of which read ‘big brother.’ This adorable touch highlighted the family’s excitement for their upcoming addition.

What Are Robyn Keen’s Professional Aspirations?

Robyn Keen is currently training to become a clinical psychologist. She has a strong academic background and is dedicated to her studies. Despite her busy schedule, she finds time to support Jack and share their personal milestones with her followers. Her journey in psychology reflects her commitment and passion for helping others. This new chapter in her life adds another layer of joy and responsibility.

What Achievements Has Jack Hendry Made in His Football Career?

Jack Hendry has an impressive football career, having earned 30 caps for Scotland. He has been a regular player in the Saudi Pro League for Steven Gerrard’s team, Al-Ettifaq, this season. His consistent performance on the field has made him a key player for Scotland. In recent games against the Netherlands and Northern Ireland, Jack played the full 90 minutes, showcasing his endurance and skill.

What Are Jack Hendry’s Prospects for Euro 2024?

Jack Hendry is on track to represent Scotland at Euro 2024 in Germany this summer. His dedication to the sport and his country is evident in his performance. As he prepares for the Euros, the support from his growing family will undoubtedly be a source of motivation and strength. The upcoming tournament is a significant event, and Jack is ready to give his best on the international stage.

How Did Fans and Family React to the Pregnancy Announcement?

The couple’s announcement was met with overwhelming support from fans and family. The positive reactions on social media highlight the love and excitement surrounding their news. Messages of congratulations and well-wishes poured in, showing how much Jack and Robyn are cherished by their followers. The couple’s openness and sharing of personal moments have endeared them to many.

What’s Next for Robyn Keen and Jack Hendry?

As Robyn Keen and Jack Hendry prepare to welcome their first child, they are surrounded by love and support. The coming months will be filled with anticipation and joy as they await the arrival of their baby. Jack’s football career and Robyn’s pursuit of psychology will continue to flourish as they embark on this new journey together. The future looks bright for this dynamic couple, both personally and professionally.

How Will This New Chapter Impact Their Lives?

This new chapter will bring significant changes and responsibilities for Robyn and Jack. Robyn’s journey in psychology and Jack’s career in football will be enriched by the joy of parenthood. Their dedication to their professions and each other will guide them through this exciting time. With a strong support system and the love they share, Robyn and Jack are well-prepared for the adventures ahead.


Robyn Keen and Jack Hendry’s announcement of their first child has brought immense joy to their lives and the lives of those around them. As they prepare for parenthood, their dedication to their careers and each other will ensure a bright future for their growing family. Surrounded by love and support, Robyn and Jack are ready to embrace this new chapter with enthusiasm and gratitude.


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