James Harden Girlfriend Now, Funny Reaction of James Harden to His Girlfriend Getting a Bouquet at a Wedding

James Harden, the renowned Los Angeles Clippers guard, known for his impressive career and an estimated net worth of $165 million at the age of 34, found himself at the center of a viral moment during a recent wedding. This unexpected episode has not only showcased Harden’s humorous side but has also captivated fans and followers worldwide.

What Happened at the Wedding?

James Harden was attending the wedding of retired NBA player Rajon Rondo and his now-wife Latoia Fitzgerald when the amusing incident occurred. Amid the festive atmosphere, a video captured a lighthearted yet awkward moment that quickly gained traction online.

How Did Harden’s Girlfriend Get the Bouquet?

As is tradition at many weddings, the bride tossed her bouquet to a crowd of eager guests. In this particular instance, the bouquet landed on the floor behind the crowd. Harden’s girlfriend, Paije Speights, wearing a black dress, bent down to pick it up. Her excitement was palpable as she celebrated her catch, but Harden’s reaction was what stole the show.

What Was Harden’s Reaction?

Standing next to Speights in a black suit, James Harden displayed a look of pure shock and discomfort. His reaction, characterized by a stiff posture and an unblinking stare straight ahead, was in stark contrast to Speights’ joy. This amusing juxtaposition of emotions quickly became a hit on social media, with fans creating memes and sharing their amusement.

How Did Fans React?

Fans were quick to respond to the video, sharing their delight and humor over Harden’s reaction. Comments ranged from playful jabs to creative memes, highlighting Harden’s apparent reluctance. One fan quipped, “Bro literally terrified,” while another joked, “That’s the time he should have played defense.” The internet collectively turned Harden’s reaction into an “instant meme,” with some even imagining that “prenuptial agreements are being drafted in his head.”

Why Did This Moment Go Viral?

The video resonated with many because it captured a candid and relatable moment. Weddings often bring out a mix of emotions, and Harden’s reaction struck a chord with viewers who found it both genuine and humorous. The clip, shared on X (formerly Twitter), spread quickly as fans and followers of Harden and the NBA shared and commented on the post.

What Else Is Happening in Harden’s Life?

James Harden is currently in the offseason, following the Los Angeles Clippers’ elimination in the first round of the playoffs against the Dallas Mavericks on May 3. Harden joined the Clippers in November after spending a year with the Philadelphia 76ers. Known for his skills on the court, Harden also has an Olympic gold medal from the 2012 London Summer Games with team USA.

How Did Harden Make Headlines with His Wine Sales?

Aside from his basketball prowess, James Harden has made waves in other ventures, including his signature J-Harden wine. Last year, during a live stream in China hosted by online star Crazy Brother Yang, Harden sold 16,000 bottles of his wine within seconds. The live stream attracted over 15 million viewers, and Harden’s enthusiastic reaction to the sales was a highlight.

What Was Harden’s Reaction to the Wine Sales?

During the live stream, Harden monitored the sales closely. When he saw that 5,000 orders for two bottles each had come in, he expressed his delight by laughing, applauding, and repeatedly telling the audience, “I love you.” The momentum continued, and as another 6,000 bottles were sold, Harden celebrated with a cartwheel, further endearing him to his fans.

What’s Next for James Harden?

As Harden enjoys the offseason, fans are eager to see what the future holds for the basketball star. Whether it’s more viral moments, successful business ventures, or outstanding performances on the court, James Harden continues to be a dynamic and influential figure both in and out of the sports world.


James Harden’s hilarious reaction at Rajon Rondo’s wedding has given fans a glimpse into his off-court personality. The viral moment, combined with his successful wine venture and ongoing basketball career, keeps Harden in the spotlight for reasons beyond his athletic achievements. As he navigates his multifaceted career, moments like these remind fans of the human side of their sports heroes.


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