Jeff Ross Controversy, Regarding the Viral Tom Brady Roast Incident, Jeff Ross Speaks Up

Comedian Jeff Ross made amends on the Rich Eisen Show following his Netflix special “Greatest Roast Of All-Time” (G.R.O.A.T) which saw seven-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady visibly disturbed over an insult directed at Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots. As Ross recounted during Eisen’s show, Brady approached Ross after cracking jokes about Kraft and cautioned “don’t say that again”. However, Ross denied any serious tension, suggesting Brady may simply have been standing up for his longtime mentor rather than setting off alarm bells for him personally.

Ross replied “Come on, no way” when Rich Eisen asked Ross if Brady was truly upset at Kraft, whom has long been seen as his mentor and friend. Instead, Ross explained that Brady was simply showing his affection for Kraft who has long been seen as his “father figure.” Despite this intense exchange, Ross noted that afterward they both enjoyed having a friendly dialogue together while the team owner also appreciated Ross giving Kraft such a shout-out.

What Was the Joke That Provoked the Exchange?

Ross kicked off his routine by wearing a bloodied No. 32 football jersey marked “Roast J. Simpson,” an obvious nod to O.J. Simpson’s murder trial and setting the stage for an evening full of irreverent comedy. Ross recounted Tom Brady entering Robert Kraft’s office for training camp in 2000 and proclaiming himself to be his best decision yet; Ross then used this story for comedic effect by adding, “Would you like a massage?” This referenced Kraft’s 2019 solicitation scandal at Florida massage parlor and massage parlor scandal that have both made headlines recently.

Brady became offended at Ross’ joke and, standing up quickly, whispered a warning not to repeat it. Unfortunately, however, the microphone captured their exchange, revealing Brady’s protectiveness of Kraft.

Was Tom Brady Engaged with the Roast Spirit?

Though Brady appeared visibly annoyed during Robert Kraft’s jokes, he kept up the comedic spirit of the roast throughout its evening. Comedians and fellow celebrities sporadically addressed sensitive topics related to him such as his recent divorce from Gisele Bundchen and subsequent relationship with jiu-jitsu trainer Joaquim Valente as well as a reported $30 Million cryptocurrency investment loss via as well as Patriots-related scandals “Spygate” and “Deflategate”. Even Patriot-related scandals “Spygate” and “Deflategate” made its way into jokes during this eventful evening.

Belichick often made fun of Brady for his longstanding relationship, yet Brady remained gracious, appreciating all the laughs for what they were.

How Did the Roast Balance Humor and Sensitivity?

Ross and his fellow roasters successfully balanced humor with sensitivity during this roast. Although several sensitive topics were on the table, comedians maintained an atmosphere that was irreverent but not outright mean-spirited. Ross, known for pushing boundaries in his comedy act, seemed intent on poking fun at individuals whose stories are well known by the public at large.

Ross acknowledged Brady’s protectiveness toward Kraft but noted that he took the joke well; after all, roasts are meant to bring out cutting humor while celebrating its subject instead of demeaning them.

What Will be the Legacy of the Greatest Roast of All-Time?

The Netflix special likely will go down as an iconic milestone in comedy roasting history due to the high-caliber celebrities who participated in it, including Kevin Hart as host and Ross as roaster; alongside high-profile figures like Tom Brady who were willing to laugh at themselves – offering both entertainment and insight.

It showcased the fine art of comedic roasting, where humor can be used to accurately reflect reality while simultaneously challenging participants to take themselves less seriously. Tom Brady may have seemed annoyed during this roast; yet his participation shows his willingness to lean into it; realizing that even awkward situations can become comedic gold!

At its heart, the G.R.O.A.T. special represented a new era in roasting: one where even high-profile personalities such as Brady and Kraft can handle being the target of humorous satire – with Jeff Ross leading this charge, roasts appear set for continued success in future.


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