Jeremy Hunt Wife Who Is Jeremy Hunt Married To?

In a significant moment for the UK economy, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt presented his first budget in the House of Commons today, promising a “budget for growth.” His announcement comes as the government aims to rejuvenate the country’s struggling economy. Supporting him were his wife, Lucia Guo, and two of their children, who made a rare public appearance to show their solidarity.

Family Support on Budget Day

Earlier in the day, 56-year-old Jeremy Hunt was accompanied by his wife, Lucia Guo, and their children as he departed from Downing Street to deliver his Spring Budget. Lucia, 44, stood proudly with their son Jack and one of their two daughters outside No11, the official residence of the Chancellor. The children, dressed in their school uniforms, watched their father make the traditional pose with his red ministerial box before heading to Parliament. Later, the family was seen in the House of Commons, observing the budget proceedings from the public gallery.

A Strong Partnership

Jeremy Hunt and Lucia Guo have been married since 2009. Despite an awkward moment in 2018 when Hunt mistakenly referred to his Chinese wife as Japanese during a visit to Beijing, their relationship has remained strong. Lucia has been described by Hunt as his “secret weapon” during his Conservative Party leadership campaign in 2019. The couple has three children: Jack, Anna, and Eleanor, who have stayed out of the public eye as Hunt advanced through various high-profile Cabinet positions, including Culture Secretary, Health Secretary, and Foreign Secretary, before his current role as Chancellor.

A Love Story Across Cultures

Jeremy and Lucia met in 2008 when she was a 30-year-old student recruiter at Warwick University and a client of Hotcourses, Hunt’s online education business. Their romance blossomed over tea and biscuits, leading to a marriage proposal during a walk near Hunt’s parents’ home in Surrey. Lucia recalled the proposal fondly, despite initially hesitating to reach into a tree where Hunt had hidden her engagement ring. The couple then traveled to Lucia’s hometown of Xian, China, for Hunt to formally ask her father for her hand in marriage, a request he nervously made with Lucia translating. Their wedding, a traditional Chinese ceremony, marked the beginning of their life together.

Facing Challenges and Controversies

In 2014, Jeremy Hunt expressed concerns about the future for his half-Chinese children due to potential social tensions arising from uncontrolled immigration. He emphasized the need for balanced immigration to prevent the social divisions seen in other countries. Hunt’s comments, made during a phone-in program on LBC Radio, highlighted his personal stake in the debate, given his mixed-race family.

Lucia Guo’s Media Involvement

In 2021, it was reported that Lucia Guo had presented a TV show for China’s state-run media, which some critics accused of whitewashing the Chinese Communist Party’s human rights abuses. The show, China Hour, broadcast on Sky TV, showcased Chinese culture but was criticized for not addressing the controversial re-education camps in the Xinjiang region. Human rights organizations like Freedom House have called out the program for being part of China’s international media strategy. Despite these allegations, the makers of China Hour maintain that their focus is on lifestyle content rather than news.

A Personal Touch

Lucia Guo has shared affectionate details about her relationship with Jeremy Hunt, including a nickname given by her grandmother who found it difficult to pronounce “Jeremy.” She would call him “big mi,” with “mi” meaning “rice” in Chinese, leading Lucia to affectionately refer to her husband as “big rice.”


As Jeremy Hunt continues to navigate his role as Chancellor, balancing economic policies and personal challenges, the support of his family remains a constant source of strength. His Spring Budget aims to set the UK on a path to recovery, and with Lucia and their children by his side, Hunt faces the future with both personal and professional determination.


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