Jodie Comer Boyfriend, the Relationship Between Sandra Oh and Her Problematic Boyfriend

As fans eagerly anticipate the release of Jodie Comer’s new thriller, “The End We Start From,” the spotlight once again turns to the personal life of this remarkably talented actress. Known for her unforgettable role as Villanelle in “Killing Eve,” Comer’s enigmatic love life and her dynamic onscreen chemistry with co-star Sandra Oh continue to intrigue her audience. Born on March 11, 1993, the 30-year-old Liverpudlian actress has amassed a net worth of approximately $6 million, becoming a significant figure in the entertainment industry.

Who is Jodie Comer?

Jodie Comer, born and raised in Liverpool, has carved a niche for herself as one of the most gifted actresses of her generation. Her breakthrough role as the psychopathic assassin Villanelle in “Killing Eve” has earned her critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. Off-screen, Comer leads a relatively low-key life, enjoying time with her close-knit family, practicing yoga, and relishing her mother’s Sunday roasts. Her early career included humble beginnings as a customer service assistant at Tesco, which endeared her to fans for her down-to-earth nature.

What Controversies Has Jodie Comer’s Love Life Sparked?

Jodie Comer’s romantic relationships have been a topic of interest and, at times, controversy. While working in Boston on the action comedy “Free Guy,” Comer met and fell in love with American lacrosse player James Burke. Their relationship quickly became serious, with Burke meeting Comer’s family in Liverpool. However, the romance sparked controversy when it was revealed that Burke was a registered Republican voter. Given Comer’s public support for movements like Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ rights, some fans were unsettled by her association with someone potentially aligned with former President Donald Trump’s political stance.

How Did Jodie Comer Handle the Backlash?

In a candid interview with InStyle in 2020, Comer addressed the backlash, expressing her shock and dismay. She chose to remain silent during the controversy for the sake of her mental health and to protect her family. Comer emphasized that she saw the absurdity of the accusations and decided not to engage with critics, focusing instead on her well-being and privacy.

Did Jodie Comer and James Burke Split?

Rumors of a split between Comer and Burke surfaced in June 2023 when they had not been seen together for some time. Comer’s omission of Burke in her acceptance speech at the 76th Tony Awards, where she thanked her family and friends, further fueled speculation. Sources close to the couple suggested that their busy schedules and geographical distance contributed to the strain on their relationship. As Comer’s career continues to ascend, she appears to be prioritizing her professional opportunities.

What About Jodie Comer’s Chemistry with Sandra Oh?

The chemistry between Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh on “Killing Eve” has been a pivotal element of the show’s success. Portraying the intense and complex relationship between MI5 agent Eve Polastri and the assassin Villanelle, the two actresses brought a captivating dynamic to the screen. Sandra Oh, in an interview with The Sun, described their connection as profound, noting that their mutual understanding and trust allowed them to create magical and memorable scenes together.

How Did Comer and Oh Create Their Onscreen Magic?

Sandra Oh revealed that the mystery and tension between their characters were essential to the storytelling. The two actresses worked closely to ensure their scenes were charged with the necessary intensity and intrigue. Their ability to delve into the nuances of their characters’ relationship, despite often being kept apart in the storyline, contributed significantly to the show’s allure. Oh credited their strong working relationship and deep trust in each other as key factors in bringing their characters’ complex dynamic to life.

What’s Next for Jodie Comer?

As Jodie Comer continues to captivate audiences with her performances, her fans eagerly await her next project, “The End We Start From.” This thriller is expected to showcase Comer’s versatility and further cement her status as a leading actress in the industry. Despite the controversies and challenges in her personal life, Comer remains focused on her career and the exciting opportunities ahead.

Jodie Comer’s journey from a customer service assistant to a celebrated actress is a testament to her talent and resilience. Her ability to navigate the complexities of fame while maintaining a sense of normalcy in her personal life endears her to fans worldwide. As she embarks on new ventures, both in her professional and personal life, Comer’s story continues to unfold, keeping her audience captivated and inspired.


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