Johnny Wactor Wife, Sofia Mattsson Honors The Late Actor

The soap opera world was struck by tragedy when Johnny Wactor, known for his role as Brando Corbin on “General Hospital,” passed away at the age of 37. His sudden death left fans and colleagues in shock, and tributes quickly poured in from those who knew him. Among the heartfelt messages was a poignant tribute from his on-screen wife, Sofia Mattsson.

How Did Sofia Mattsson React to Johnny Wactor’s Death?

Sofia Mattsson, who played Sasha Gilmore, Brando Corbin’s wife on the show, expressed her sorrow in a moving Instagram post. Accompanied by a carousel of photos featuring moments from the ABC soap opera, her message highlighted the deep connection they shared both on and off the screen.

“My heart is so utterly broken… Johnny was the absolute best,” Mattsson wrote. She described Wactor as “genuine, caring, incredibly hard-working, and humble,” noting his “huge heart that spread so much kindness and joy.” According to Mattsson, Wactor always ensured those around him felt “seen, heard, and loved.”

What Made Johnny Wactor So Special?

In her tribute, Mattsson shared personal anecdotes about Wactor’s character and the impact he had on those around him. She admired his authenticity and his dedication to his craft. “We shared so many special moments, both on and off screen, and I will forever cherish them deeply in my heart,” she continued.

Wactor’s ability to connect with his co-stars and the audience was evident in his portrayal of Brando Corbin. His character’s journey from a presumed dead son to a beloved figure in Port Charles captivated viewers and added depth to the show’s narrative.

What Was Johnny Wactor’s Role in General Hospital?

Johnny Wactor joined “General Hospital” in 2020, quickly becoming a fan favorite. His character, Brando Corbin, was initially introduced as Gladys Corbin’s (played by Bonnie Burroughs) son. His storyline evolved to include a romantic relationship with Sasha Gilmore, played by Mattsson. The couple’s on-screen chemistry and compelling narrative arcs resonated with the audience.

Brando’s character faced numerous challenges, including a tumultuous relationship with his mother and dramatic storylines that kept viewers on the edge of their seats. His journey took a tragic turn when he was killed off in a dramatic storyline where he was stabbed by a character known as The Hook.

How Did Fans and Colleagues Respond to Wactor’s Passing?

The news of Johnny Wactor’s death was met with an outpouring of grief and condolences from fans and colleagues alike. Many took to social media to share their favorite memories of Wactor’s performances and to express their sorrow at his untimely passing.

Sofia Mattsson’s tribute stood out for its heartfelt sincerity. Her words painted a picture of a man who was not only a talented actor but also a cherished friend and colleague. She concluded her post with a touching farewell, expressing her belief that Wactor was already “busy taking care of everyone up there.”

What Is Johnny Wactor’s Legacy?

Johnny Wactor’s legacy extends beyond his role on “General Hospital.” His dedication to his craft and his genuine kindness left a lasting impression on those who knew him. His performances brought joy and emotional depth to the show, and his loss is deeply felt by the “General Hospital” community.

Wactor’s portrayal of Brando Corbin will be remembered for its complexity and emotional resonance. His ability to bring authenticity and vulnerability to his character made him a standout on the show. As fans continue to mourn his passing, his contributions to the world of daytime television will not be forgotten.

How Can Fans Honor Johnny Wactor’s Memory?

Fans looking to honor Johnny Wactor’s memory can revisit his episodes on “General Hospital” and appreciate the talent he brought to the screen. Sharing memories and messages on social media can also be a way to celebrate his life and career.

In addition, fans can follow Sofia Mattsson’s example by spreading kindness and joy in their own lives, much like Wactor did. By keeping his spirit alive through acts of compassion and support, his legacy can continue to inspire others.


Johnny Wactor’s death at 37 is a heartbreaking loss for the “General Hospital” community and his fans. Sofia Mattsson’s heartfelt tribute encapsulates the profound impact he had on those around him. As fans and colleagues mourn his passing, they also celebrate the legacy he leaves behind – one of kindness, authenticity, and remarkable talent.


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