Jordan Pickford Wife, Explore All About Megan Davison

Euro 2024 has kicked off in Germany, and among the star players is England’s goalie Jordan Pickford. The 30-year-old Everton star is known for his lightning-fast reflexes and his ability to save balls from close range, making him one of England’s most formidable weapons on the field. Off the pitch, Jordan is a devoted family man, supported by his loving wife Megan. With England being favorites to win the tournament, 2024 could be a monumental year for Jordan, Megan, and their family.

Who Is Megan Pickford?

Megan Pickford, 28, is more than just the wife of a famous footballer. She has her own identity and career aspirations. Megan completed a three-year course at the University of Sunderland in 2021. Although she is content with her role as a wife and mother, she is also an Instagram influencer with 113,000 followers. Megan frequently shares glimpses of her life, from family moments to exotic vacations, on her active Instagram page. She proudly describes herself as a “mama, wife, friend,” reflecting her dedication to her family and her social connections.

How Did Jordan and Megan Pickford Meet?

Jordan and Megan’s love story is a modern-day romance that began in their school days. They met when Megan was around 14 and Jordan was 16. The couple’s relationship has stood the test of time, growing stronger over the years. Their journey from teenage sweethearts to a married couple is a testament to their deep connection and mutual support.

When Did Jordan and Megan Pickford Get Married?

Jordan and Megan initially tied the knot in a private ceremony in March 2020. However, due to Covid lockdown restrictions, they had to wait for more than two years to celebrate their union with a larger event. In June 2022, they finally had their dream wedding in a lavish ceremony in the Maldives. The ceremony took place on a picturesque beach at sunset, with only 13 close friends and family members in attendance. Megan shared beautiful pictures from their special day on Instagram, captioning them, “Worth the wait for the most magical day with my soulmate. Introducing The Pickfords.”

How Old Is Megan Pickford and Does She Have Children with Jordan Pickford?

Megan, 28, and Jordan share two children together. Their son, Arlo, was born in 2019, and their daughter, Ostara, arrived in September 2023. Megan often posts family updates on her Instagram page, sharing adorable pictures of her children. However, she ensures their privacy by keeping their faces hidden in the photos. Megan’s posts highlight her joy in motherhood and her dedication to her family.

Where Do Jordan and Megan Pickford Live?

The Pickford family resides in an impressive £2.1 million mansion in Cheshire. The home, which they purchased in 2018, boasts five bedrooms and a large kitchen with stone flooring. Located in the “Golden Triangle” of Cheshire, the mansion is in the heart of designer shops and trendy bars, providing the family with a luxurious and convenient lifestyle.

What Is Megan Pickford’s Job?

Megan completed her education with a three-year course at the University of Sunderland in 2021. While she has chosen to focus on her role as a wife and mother, she also thrives as an Instagram influencer. With 113,000 followers, Megan shares snippets of her life, from family moments to luxurious holidays. Her Instagram bio describes her as a “mama, wife, friend,” emphasizing her multifaceted role in her family and social circles.

How Much Is Jordan Pickford’s Net Worth?

As one of the top goalkeepers in the world, Jordan Pickford has an estimated net worth of $20 million. His lucrative career with Everton and his significant role in the England national team contribute to his impressive financial status. This wealth allows Jordan and Megan to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle, providing their children with the best opportunities.

Megan Pickford’s Influence and Online Presence

Megan’s role as an Instagram influencer has garnered her a substantial following. With 113,000 followers, she shares insights into her family life, travels, and personal style. Her posts often feature her children, though she keeps their faces hidden to maintain their privacy. Megan’s engaging content and relatable persona have made her a beloved figure among her followers.

What Does the Future Hold for the Pickford Family?

As Euro 2024 progresses, Jordan Pickford’s performance on the field will be closely watched by fans and analysts alike. Off the pitch, Megan will continue to support her husband and their family, sharing their journey with her Instagram followers. With England as favorites to win the tournament, 2024 could indeed be a year of celebration for the Pickford family. Megan’s dedication to her family and her influence on social media will undoubtedly continue to grow, making her a significant figure in the world of football WAGs (wives and girlfriends).


Jordan and Megan Pickford’s love story is one of enduring romance and mutual support. From their teenage years to their luxurious life in Cheshire, the couple has built a strong and loving family. With Euro 2024 underway, Megan’s support will be invaluable to Jordan as he strives to help England bring football home. As they navigate the challenges and triumphs of life, the Pickfords remain a testament to the power of love and family.


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