Josh Giddey Girlfriend, Get Complete All About Josh Giddey

Josh Giddey, the controversial Oklahoma City Thunder star, has been making headlines recently. At 21 years old, Giddey has already built a significant presence in the NBA with his impressive skills on the court. His net worth is estimated to be around $4 million. However, his career hasn’t been without its challenges, the most notable being his recent involvement in a controversy linked to an underage girl, which led to an investigation into his personal life.

What Happened with the Underage Girl Controversy?

Giddey’s reputation took a hit when he was seen in videos dedicated to Liv Cook, an underage girl. This sparked an investigation and public scrutiny. Reflecting on this difficult time, Giddey said, “This was probably the biggest challenge I’ve ever gone through for a number of reasons.” He emphasized the mental strain athletes endure behind the scenes, which often goes unnoticed by the public. “People see what’s happening on the floor but not behind the scenes. There’s so much more to a person than basketball.”

How Did Giddey Cope with the Controversy?

Dealing with such a high-profile controversy took a toll on Giddey. “You have a couple of bad games, you start to get in your own head, maybe lose confidence,” he shared. Giddey found solace in his team, stating, “For me, I’ve tried to stay within the team. Coming in every day, getting amongst the team, staying within the group – that’s what cheers guys up and gets you back on the right path.” His resilience and focus on team spirit helped him navigate through this turbulent period.

Who is Maki Lesko?

Amidst the storm, Giddey has been spotted with Maki Lesko, a stunning Australian model. Lesko, who has Russian, Polish, and Australian heritage, hails from Melbourne. She gained public attention as a former AFL WAG and is currently represented by Brooklyn MGMT in Australia and Agency Arizona in the United States. Lesko’s presence in Giddey’s life has sparked rumors of a potential romance.

What is the Nature of Giddey and Lesko’s Relationship?

Photos of Giddey and Lesko looking close have set social media abuzz with speculation. The pair has been seen spending time together in various settings, fueling rumors of a budding relationship. Lesko has shared pictures on her Instagram featuring the NBA star, including one where she has her arm around Giddey in a nightclub and another capturing her posing in a car while Giddey is on his phone. Fans are keenly watching, curious to see if Giddey and Lesko will emerge as a new power couple.

How Has Social Media Reacted?

The public reaction to Giddey and Lesko’s photos has been swift. Fans quickly took to social media to share their thoughts, with many expressing intrigue and excitement about the potential romance. The buzz around their relationship highlights the intersection of Giddey’s rising basketball career and Lesko’s successful modeling ventures, making them a captivating pair to watch.

What’s Next for Giddey and Lesko?

Giddey recently returned to his native Australia during the NBA offseason. He was spotted with Lesko, further intensifying rumors about their relationship. With Giddey’s career on an upward trajectory and Lesko’s established modeling success, they seem to be enjoying each other’s company, both in Australia and potentially in the United States.

How Did Maki Lesko Rise to Fame?

Lesko’s rise to fame can be attributed to her modeling career and her connections within the AFL community. She attended the 2022 Essendon Best and Fairest Awards with Bomber Ben Hobbs, which brought her into the public eye. Her diverse heritage and stunning looks have made her a sought-after model, with representation by notable agencies both in Australia and the United States.

What Does the Future Hold for Josh Giddey?

Despite the challenges he has faced, Giddey remains focused on his basketball career. His ability to cope with controversy and stay committed to his team speaks volumes about his character. Fans and analysts alike are watching closely to see how he continues to develop as a player and handle the pressures of his personal life under the public eye.


Josh Giddey’s journey has been marked by both remarkable achievements and significant challenges. His recent controversy and budding relationship with Maki Lesko have kept him in the headlines. As Giddey navigates his professional and personal life, he continues to capture the attention of fans and media alike. With a promising basketball career and a potential new romance, Giddey’s story is one of resilience, growth, and the complexities of life in the spotlight.


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