Keke Wyatt Husband, Get Complete Details All About Zackariah David Darring

Keke Wyatt, the celebrated R&B singer known for her powerful voice and dynamic stage presence, is making headlines again. This time, it’s not for her music but her love life. The 42-year-old singer, who boasts a net worth of approximately $4 million, left fans bewildered after being spotted with a new man. This has raised questions about her marriage to her third husband, Zackariah David Darring. The couple, who wed in October 2018, share two biological children, Ze’Kyah Jean and Ke’Riah David. Wyatt is also a mother to nine others from her previous marriages to Michael Jamar Ford and Rahmat Morton.

Who Is the Mystery Man?

Fans were taken aback when a well-known Atlanta photographer, Freddyo, shared a video of Keke Wyatt enjoying an evening at a bowling alley with an unidentified man. The clip, which quickly went viral after being shared by The Shade Room, shows Wyatt being guided from behind by this mystery man. This sparked immediate speculation that the singer might have found love again.

What Happened to Her Marriage with Zackariah David Darring?

The sighting of Wyatt with the mystery man has led to numerous questions about the status of her marriage to Zackariah David Darring. The couple, who were childhood friends and reconnected later in life, have been married for nearly six years. They seemed inseparable and shared a deep bond, which Wyatt spoke about during an interview with Atlanta Black Star less than a year ago.

How Did Fans React?

The reaction from fans has been a mix of surprise and curiosity. Many took to social media to express their confusion and curiosity about Darring’s whereabouts. Comments like “I thought she was still married. I’m behind!” and “But where is your husband?” flooded the internet. Despite the flurry of questions, Wyatt has remained tight-lipped about her marital status.

What Did Wyatt Share About Her Marriage Recently?

In her recent interview, Wyatt reflected on her relationship with Darring, describing him as her “first love.” She nostalgically recounted how they first dated when she was in the seventh grade and reconnected over a decade ago. She humorously noted that while he gets on her nerves, she still loves him deeply.

What Is the Current Status of Wyatt’s Marriage?

Currently, Wyatt’s social media presence does not provide any clarity on her relationship with Darring. Her posts predominantly feature her children, various performances, and personal moments, but there are no recent photos or mentions of her husband. Darring, who does not have an Instagram account, has also not made any public statements regarding their marriage.

How Is Wyatt Coping with Her Son’s Health Challenges?

In addition to her marital status, fans are also concerned about Wyatt’s youngest son, Ke’Zyah, who was born with the genetic disorder Trisomy 13. Wyatt has openly discussed the challenges of caring for her son, who suffers from severe health complications. She has mentioned needing assistance from medical aides, indicating the intense demands of her son’s condition.

What’s Next for Keke Wyatt?

Despite the swirling rumors and personal challenges, Keke Wyatt continues to focus on her career and family. Her fans eagerly await any updates regarding her relationship status and new musical projects. Whether Wyatt is navigating a new romance or simply dealing with personal issues, her resilience and dedication to her family and career remain evident.

What Does the Future Hold for Wyatt and Darring?

As of now, the future of Wyatt and Darring’s relationship remains uncertain. Without any official statements or clear indications from either party, fans are left to speculate based on the limited information available. Wyatt’s decision to keep her private life under wraps adds to the intrigue surrounding her current relationship status.


Keke Wyatt’s recent public appearance with a mystery man has sparked widespread speculation about her marital status. While fans are eager for answers, Wyatt continues to maintain a level of privacy about her personal life. Her focus on her children and career remains steadfast, even as questions about her marriage to Zackariah David Darring persist. As the story develops, fans will undoubtedly keep a close eye on Wyatt’s social media for any hints or updates about her love life.


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