Kieran Trippier’s Wife, Meet Charlotte Tripper and Discover Everything About Their Family Life & Kids

Kieran Trippier, a Newcastle star with an estimated net worth of $15 million and 33 years old, has found himself in the middle of social media speculation following a cryptic message posted by his wife, Charlotte Trippier. On the eve of England’s final Euros group game, Charlotte shared an intriguing Instagram story, leaving fans wondering about the state of their relationship.

What Did Charlotte Trippier Post on Instagram?

Charlotte’s message read, “Sooner or later you get over the s*** you swore you’d never get over and it’s the best feeling in the world.” This statement, paired with the caption “the sun is shining, happy Monday,” has raised eyebrows. In the accompanying posts, she is seen sitting in her car, waiting to pick up her children from school, looking relaxed and content.

Has Charlotte Trippier Unfollowed Kieran on Instagram?

Eagle-eyed social media users noticed that Kieran Trippier’s profile did not appear in the list of accounts Charlotte was following as of this morning. This led to claims that she had unfollowed her husband, though Kieran still follows her. The unfollowing has sparked rumors about potential issues in their relationship.

How Long Have Charlotte and Kieran Been Together?

Charlotte and Kieran Trippier are childhood sweethearts who tied the knot in June 2016. They have three children together. Charlotte, who previously co-ran the Instagram fashion blog Style Up Sisters with her sister Rosie Wray, appears to have stepped back from the account, which is no longer active.

Where Has Charlotte Been During the Euros?

Unlike many of the squad’s partners, Charlotte has been notably absent from the stands during England’s group stage games. Instead, she spent last Friday at the popular Newcastle fair, The Hoppings, sharing pictures of her day out with the couple’s three children on Instagram.

What is the England Squad’s Setup During Euro 2024?

The England squad, including Kieran Trippier, is staying at the luxurious Spa & Golf Resort Weimarer Land in Blankenhain, Germany. The resort offers ultimate privacy, shielding the players from public view. The partners of the players, including Lewis Dunk’s girlfriend Abi Yaxley, Megan Davison (wife of Jordan Pickford), and Ellie Alderson (partner of Ollie Watkins), had been invited for a short visit to the base to help alleviate the pressure of the tournament.

How Has Kieran Trippier Been Performing in Euro 2024?

Kieran Trippier, primarily a defender for Newcastle, has started both of England’s games in the European Championship, albeit out of his usual position, playing as a left-back. Despite concerns over his workload due to a recent calf injury, Trippier is expected to start again tonight, making it three starts in a row.

What Did Trippier’s Representatives Say?

When contacted by MailOnline, Trippier’s representatives have yet to provide a comment on the situation. This has only fueled further speculation and curiosity among fans and the media.

Why Did Kieran and Charlotte Return to England?

In January 2022, Kieran Trippier returned to England from Madrid after Newcastle secured his transfer for £12 million. The move was significant for both his career and personal life, allowing the family to settle back in the UK.

What is the Future for Kieran and Charlotte Trippier?

The future of Kieran and Charlotte’s relationship remains uncertain amid the current speculation. With Charlotte’s cryptic messages and her social media activities drawing attention, fans and followers are left wondering about the couple’s next steps. As Kieran continues to focus on his football career, the public remains eager to see how this personal drama unfolds.


The relationship between Kieran and Charlotte Trippier has come under scrutiny following her recent social media activity. With unfollowing rumors and cryptic messages, fans are left speculating about the state of their marriage. As Kieran prepares for another crucial match in the Euros, the couple’s personal life continues to capture public interest. Whether this is a temporary hiccup or a sign of deeper issues remains to be seen, but for now, the spotlight is firmly on the Trippier household.


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