Kyle Walker Children, how Many Children Does Kyle Walker Have?

Kyle Walker is not just one of the most successful defenders in the Premier League; he is also a father to a large and dynamic family. Known for his role in Manchester City, Walker’s personal life has often made headlines. At 34 years old, with an estimated net worth of $30 million, Walker balances his illustrious football career with the responsibilities of being a father to six children from two different women.

How Many Children Does Kyle Walker Have?

Kyle Walker has six children, comprising five sons and one daughter. His family life is as eventful as his career on the pitch. Walker welcomed his sixth child in April 2024, adding to his already bustling household.

Who Are the Mothers of Kyle Walker’s Children?

Walker has children with two women: his estranged wife, Annie Kilner, and influencer and model Lauryn Goodman. His relationship with these two women has been a source of public intrigue and media coverage.

What is Kyle Walker’s Relationship with Annie Kilner?

Kyle Walker and Annie Kilner have had a long and tumultuous relationship. They were together for 12 years before getting married in 2022. Their wedding was an intimate affair, held at the five-star Mottram Hall hotel in Cheshire, with only a few guests and a registrar present. Despite their strong bond, the couple faced significant challenges.

How Many Children Do Kyle Walker and Annie Kilner Have Together?

During their time together, Walker and Kilner welcomed four sons: Roman, Riaan, Reign, and a fourth child born in April 2024. The birth of their latest son came amidst a turbulent period in their relationship. Annie gave birth earlier this year, and both mother and baby are reported to be healthy and doing well. Despite their separation, Walker has expressed his pride and commitment to supporting Annie and their children.

Why Did Kyle Walker and Annie Kilner Split?

The couple’s relationship hit a rough patch in December 2023 when it was revealed that Walker had fathered another child with Lauryn Goodman. This revelation led Annie to end their relationship. Walker publicly acknowledged his mistakes, referring to Annie as his “soulmate” and expressing deep regret over his actions. In a candid interview, he admitted to making “idiot choices and idiot decisions,” taking full responsibility for the pain he caused his family.

How Many Children Does Kyle Walker Have with Lauryn Goodman?

Walker and Goodman have two children together. Their first child, a son named Kairo, was born in April 2020 following a brief fling in 2019 when Walker was temporarily separated from Kilner. Their relationship reignited briefly in October 2022, resulting in the birth of their daughter in August 2023. Friends of Goodman revealed that she was “overjoyed” about her expanding family.

How Has Kyle Walker’s Personal Life Affected His Career?

Despite the drama in his personal life, Walker has remained a pivotal player for Manchester City. His ability to manage the demands of his football career while dealing with personal issues speaks volumes about his resilience and dedication. Walker’s honesty about his mistakes and his efforts to support his children reflect his commitment to being a responsible father.

What Does the Future Hold for Kyle Walker?

As Walker continues to excel on the football field, he is also navigating the complexities of his personal life. His recent experiences have provided him with valuable lessons about family, responsibility, and personal growth. Walker’s focus remains on providing for his children and maintaining his professional performance.


Kyle Walker’s life is a testament to the challenges and triumphs that come with balancing a high-profile career and a large family. With six children, he navigates the joys and difficulties of fatherhood alongside his successful football career. Despite past mistakes, Walker’s commitment to his family and his profession showcases his resilience and dedication. As he continues to play a significant role for Manchester City, Walker’s personal journey remains a compelling story of growth, responsibility, and redemption.


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