Lysa Terkeurst Husband, What Led to Lysa Ter Keurst’s Divorce from Art Ter Keurst?

Proverbs 31 Ministries president Lysa TerKeurst, 54, with a net worth of $2 million, has joyfully announced her remarriage, two years after divorcing her previous husband, Art TerKeurst, due to his repeated unfaithfulness. In a heartfelt social media post on January 18, TerKeurst shared the news of her wedding, expressing deep gratitude to God and her followers.

Who is Lysa TerKeurst’s New Husband?

Lysa TerKeurst has married Chaz Adams, a man she describes as her “beautiful love.” The couple met in early 2023, and their relationship quickly blossomed. Adams has been a source of love and support for TerKeurst, providing a sense of safety, honesty, and fun. The pair got engaged last fall but kept it private to share the joyous news with their close friends and family first.

How Did Lysa TerKeurst Announce Her New Relationship?

TerKeurst first hinted at her new relationship in May of last year, gradually revealing more details in June 2023. She shared how their relationship developed over the year, emphasizing the work and commitment required to build their love. In her marriage announcement, TerKeurst described their relationship as one “surrendered to the sacred way God tells us to love and care for each other.”

What Led to Lysa TerKeurst’s Divorce from Art TerKeurst?

In 2017, after 25 years of marriage, Lysa TerKeurst announced her decision to divorce Art TerKeurst due to his repeated unfaithfulness with a woman he met online. Despite this announcement, the couple attempted to reconcile, renewing their vows in December 2018. Unfortunately, Art’s infidelity persisted, and on January 1, 2022, TerKeurst revealed that she was ending the marriage for good, citing a difference between occasional mistakes and consistent patterns of behavior that dishonor the biblical covenant of marriage.

How Did Lysa TerKeurst Overcome Her Struggles?

TerKeurst credits her faith and the support of her friends, both in person and online, for helping her navigate through her challenges. She shared how God provided daily provisions and assurances, teaching her to lean on Him during her biggest disappointments. Her faith journey involved learning to sit alone and be okay, fighting ongoing battles not through miraculous interventions but through daily reliance on God.

What is Lysa TerKeurst’s Message to Her Followers?

In her social media post, TerKeurst expressed gratitude to her followers for their prayers and support throughout her journey. She highlighted the importance of community and faith in overcoming life’s hardships. TerKeurst’s message is one of hope and resilience, showing that even after the hardest parts of her story, there was a beautiful, unexpected chapter waiting to unfold.

How Has Lysa TerKeurst’s Faith Influenced Her New Relationship?

TerKeurst’s faith plays a central role in her relationship with Chaz Adams. She describes their love as a “togetherness that is safe, honest, fun, funny, and surrendered to the sacred way God tells us to love and care for each other.” This faith-based approach to love and marriage reflects TerKeurst’s deep commitment to her beliefs and her trust in God’s plan for her life.

What Are the Future Plans for Lysa TerKeurst and Chaz Adams?

While TerKeurst has shared the joyous news of her marriage, she has not detailed specific future plans. However, it is clear that she and Adams are committed to building a life together based on faith, love, and mutual support. As they continue their journey, TerKeurst remains focused on her ministry work, inspiring others with her story of resilience and faith.

How Has Lysa TerKeurst’s Journey Inspired Others?

Lysa TerKeurst’s journey has been one of overcoming betrayal, heartbreak, and finding new love. Her openness about her struggles and her faith has inspired many of her followers to trust in God’s plan, even during the most challenging times. Through her ministry and personal experiences, TerKeurst continues to be a beacon of hope and encouragement for those facing similar trials.


Lysa TerKeurst’s remarriage to Chaz Adams marks a new, joyous chapter in her life. After enduring the pain of infidelity and divorce, TerKeurst has found love again, grounded in faith and mutual respect. Her story is a powerful testament to the strength of the human spirit and the transformative power of faith. As she continues to lead Proverbs 31 Ministries, her journey of resilience and hope will undoubtedly inspire many.


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