Malika Haqq Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Bio, Career & Personal Life

Malika Haqq, an American television personality and actress, has a net worth of $600 thousand as of now. Born on March 10, 1983, she is currently 41 years old. Haqq has gained significant recognition through her acting roles in films like “Sky High” and “ATL,” as well as her appearances on popular television shows.

How Did Malika Haqq Begin Her Acting Career?

Malika Haqq started her career in the entertainment industry with minor roles. Her breakthrough came with the movie “Sky High” in 2005, where she played the character Penny. Following this, she starred in the 2006 film “ATL,” further establishing her presence in the acting world. Haqq also appeared in several television shows, including “The Bernie Mac Show” and “Las Vegas,” showcasing her versatility as an actress.

What Are Malika Haqq’s Notable TV Appearances?

Apart from her film roles, Malika Haqq is widely recognized for her appearances on reality television. She has been a regular on the hit reality series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” where she is known as the best friend of Khloe Kardashian. Haqq also appeared on the spin-off series “Khloe & Lamar,” providing a deeper look into her close relationship with Khloe.

What Incident Made Malika Haqq (In)Famous?

Malika Haqq gained significant media attention during Kim Kardashian’s baby shower due to an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction. On a particularly windy day, her skirt flew up, exposing much of her backside to the public and paparazzi. This incident brought her a great deal of unexpected notoriety and remains a talked-about moment.

What Is Malika Haqq’s Relationship with Khloe Kardashian?

Malika Haqq is perhaps best known for her close friendship with reality star Khloe Kardashian. Initially, she worked as Khloe’s assistant but decided to step away from the role to maintain their friendship. This decision proved beneficial, as it allowed their bond to strengthen without the complications of a professional relationship. Haqq frequently appears on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” offering support and companionship to Khloe.

Who Has Malika Haqq Dated?

Over the years, Malika Haqq has been romantically linked to several high-profile individuals. Notably, she dated Chicago Bulls player Rasual Butler. Additionally, she has been linked to Rob Kardashian, Khloe’s brother, adding another layer to her connection with the Kardashian family. These relationships have often placed her in the media spotlight, further increasing her public profile.

What Is Malika Haqq’s Background?

Malika Haqq’s parents are immigrants from Khuzestan, Iran. Growing up in Los Angeles, Haqq has embraced her diverse heritage while carving out a successful career in the American entertainment industry. Her background and upbringing have played a significant role in shaping her identity and career.

How Has Malika Haqq Built Her Net Worth?

Malika Haqq’s net worth of $600 thousand is a result of her work in both film and television. Her roles in movies like “Sky High” and “ATL,” along with appearances on shows such as “The Bernie Mac Show” and “Las Vegas,” have contributed significantly to her earnings. Additionally, her recurring role on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” has provided a steady income stream.

What Are Malika Haqq’s Current Projects?

As of now, Malika Haqq continues to make appearances on reality television, remaining a fixture in the Kardashian-Jenner circle. She has also ventured into other business opportunities, leveraging her fame and connections to explore different avenues within the entertainment industry. Haqq’s enduring presence in the media ensures she remains a relevant figure in Hollywood.

How Has Malika Haqq Managed Public Attention?

Despite the ups and downs of public attention, Malika Haqq has managed to maintain a positive image. Her friendship with Khloe Kardashian and appearances on reality TV have helped her build a loyal fan base. While she has faced moments of unwanted attention, such as the wardrobe malfunction incident, Haqq has handled these situations with grace and resilience.


Malika Haqq’s journey in the entertainment industry has been marked by notable roles in films and television shows, as well as her high-profile friendships and relationships. With a net worth of $600 thousand and a steady presence on reality TV, Haqq continues to be a familiar face in Hollywood. Her ability to navigate the complexities of fame while maintaining her personal relationships highlights her strength and adaptability in an ever-changing industry.


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