Mark Davis Wife, Is The Raiders Owner In A Relationship Or Married?

Mark Davis is the inheritor and owner of the NFL team, the Las Vegas Raiders, formerly known as the Oakland Raiders. He also owns the WNBA team, the Las Vegas Aces. Born on May 18, 1955, Mark Davis grew up surrounded by the world of football, as his father, Al Davis, was a renowned football coach and executive. Mark’s upbringing was steeped in the NFL, and from a young age, he was groomed to take over the family business.

How Did Mark Davis Build His Wealth?

Under Mark Davis’s leadership, the Las Vegas Raiders have seen substantial growth. When he took over in 2011, the team was worth $761 million. As of 2024, Forbes values the Raiders at $6.2 billion, making them the sixth-most valuable team among the 32 NFL franchises. This remarkable increase in value is a testament to Davis’s business acumen and dedication to the team’s legacy. His personal net worth is estimated at $2.3 billion.

Does Mark Davis Have a Wife?

Despite his high-profile status and wealth, Mark Davis, now 68, has never been married. In an interview with ESPN, he humorously remarked that he would only start drinking if the Raiders won the Super Bowl or if he got married, suggesting that marriage is not a priority for him. This statement underscores Davis’s focus on his professional life and his commitment to his teams over personal relationships.

Does Mark Davis Have Children?

Mark Davis is a private individual, and there are no public records or accounts of him having children. He often refers to his teams, the Raiders and the Aces, as his “kids.” His dedication to these teams is evident, as he often finds it challenging to choose which games to attend when their schedules overlap. This passion and commitment to his professional responsibilities highlight the central role his teams play in his life.

Who Has Mark Davis Been Linked To Romantically?

Though Mark Davis prefers to keep his personal life out of the spotlight, he has been seen with several women over the years. Here are a few notable mentions:

Cami Christensen

In 2021, a vlogger captured Mark Davis at the grand opening of Resorts World walking with a woman identified as Cami Christensen. Christensen is the president and general manager of Westgate Hotel. While their relationship status was never confirmed, their public appearance together sparked curiosity.

Hayden Hopkins

In 2022, Davis made headlines when he was spotted with a blonde woman in a private suite during a game. The woman was later identified as Hayden Hopkins, a Las Vegas-based performer in Cirque Du Soleil. Hopkins has a significant following on Instagram and has appeared on Good Morning America. She clarified that Davis is merely a friend and neighbor, dispelling rumors of a romantic relationship.


In 2023, Mark Davis was seen with Australian singer and songwriter Orianthi at a Packers game. Orianthi, known for her songs like “According to You” and “Light It Up,” is also recognized as one of the world’s most outstanding female guitarists. While she posted photos of herself at the Allegiant Stadium in a Raiders cap, she made no comments about being with Davis, leaving their relationship status ambiguous.

Who Is Carol Davis?

Carol Davis, often mistaken as Mark Davis’s wife, is actually his mother. She was married to Al Davis, and together they built the legacy of the Raiders. Carol met Al Davis in 1950 at Adelphi College in Long Island, where Al was beginning his coaching career. They remained deeply in love until Al’s passing in 2011. Carol Davis is a businesswoman and part-owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, with a net worth of over $500 million. Even in her 90s, she remains actively involved in the family business, often accompanying her son to watch parties and events for the Raiders.

What Is Mark Davis’s Future Plan for the Raiders?

As of February 2024, Mark Davis is set to sell 10% of the Las Vegas Raiders to Tom Brady, the seven-time Super Bowl winner and Fox broadcaster. This partnership aims to bring Brady’s expertise into the management of the team. Brady will advise Davis on hiring decisions for the head coach and general manager positions. This move comes at a critical time as the Raiders’ long-term rivals, the Oakland A’s, are also planning a move to Las Vegas. Fans hope that Brady’s involvement will steer the Raiders toward a successful future.


Mark Davis remains a bachelor, focusing his life and energy on the Las Vegas Raiders and the Las Vegas Aces. While he keeps his personal life private, his occasional appearances with notable women spark interest and speculation. Despite the lack of a direct successor, Davis is making strategic moves to ensure the continued success and legacy of his teams, exemplified by his partnership with Tom Brady. Mark Davis’s commitment to the Raiders and his innovative leadership will undoubtedly shape the future of the franchise.


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