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Martin Lewis, the renowned Money Saving Expert, is married to Lara Lewington, a TV journalist and former weather presenter. The couple tied the knot in 2009 and share one daughter, who was born in 2012. Despite their public personas, they generally keep their private lives away from the spotlight.

Why Did Lara Lewington Change Her Name?

Recently, Martin Lewis shared an interesting revelation about his wife’s surname. While Lara is known professionally as Lara Lewington, she legally changed her name to Lara Lewis. Martin explained this during an appearance on Good Morning Britain with Susanna Reid. He detailed how they merged their surnames, taking the first four letters of Lewington (‘Lewi’) and adding the ‘S’ from Lewis, resulting in the surname ‘Lewis’. This choice was made to create a unified family name while allowing Lara to maintain her established professional identity.

How Did Martin and Lara Merge Their Surnames?

The decision to merge surnames was both symbolic and practical. Martin suggested that Lara should have adopted ‘Lara Lewington Lewis’ as her television name due to its appealing sound. However, they opted for ‘Lewis’ as a simpler solution for their legal name, maintaining Lara Lewington as her working name in the broadcasting world.

What Prompted Martin to Share This Story?

Martin’s revelation came after Made In Chelsea star Jamie Laing shared an emotional story about his wife, Sophie Habboo. Sophie had changed her surname to Laing as a first-anniversary gift, which moved Jamie to tears. This prompted Martin to discuss his own experience with surname changes, providing a glimpse into their thoughtful decision-making process.

How Did Lara Lewington Start Her Career?

Lara Lewington’s broadcasting career began in 2003 with Five and Five News. She later joined Sky News as a showbiz correspondent, gaining recognition for her work in the industry. In 2011, Lara transitioned to the BBC, becoming a reporter for the technology program Click. She has since become a well-known tech expert, appearing on various radio and TV shows.

How Do Martin and Lara Handle Public Scrutiny?

Despite their public profiles, Martin and Lara largely keep their relationship private. However, they are not immune to public scrutiny. During the lockdown, Lara appeared on The Martin Lewis Show, which led to a troll branding her a ‘gold digger’. Martin defended his wife vehemently, highlighting their 15-year relationship and the mutual support that has been crucial to their success.

What Is the Public Perception of Their Relationship?

Martin’s strong defense against the troll’s accusations underscores the depth of their relationship. He pointed out that they had been together long before his success with Money Saving Expert, emphasizing the genuine bond they share. This incident also sheds light on the challenges public figures face regarding misconceptions and judgments about their personal lives.

How Do They Balance Their Careers and Family Life?

Balancing high-profile careers with family life is no small feat, but Martin and Lara seem to manage it well. Lara’s continued success in broadcasting and Martin’s influence as a financial expert demonstrate their ability to support each other’s professional endeavors while maintaining a strong family foundation.

What Can We Learn From Their Story?

Martin and Lara’s story offers valuable insights into the importance of mutual support and understanding in a relationship. Their thoughtful approach to merging surnames reflects a blend of tradition and modernity, showing that personal and professional identities can coexist harmoniously.


Martin Lewis and Lara Lewington’s relationship is a testament to love, respect, and mutual support. Their decision to merge surnames in a unique way symbolizes their unity while respecting individual professional identities. Despite public scrutiny, they continue to thrive, supporting each other’s careers and maintaining a strong family bond. This story not only highlights their personal journey but also serves as an inspiration for managing public life and personal relationships with grace and dignity.


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