Mutt Lange Wife, Don’t ‘hate’ Your Ex-husband For An Affair, Says Shania Twain

Shania Twain, the legendary country music star, recently provided a rare and candid update on her relationships with her ex-husband, Robert “Mutt” Lange, and former friend Marie-Anne Thiebaud, 15 years after their scandalous affair. Twain’s reflections, shared on the “Armchair Expert” podcast, shed light on how she has coped with the fallout and moved forward in her life.

What Did Shania Twain Say About Her Divorce from Robert “Mutt” Lange?

Twain, now 57, opened up about the emotional turmoil she experienced following her divorce from Lange. Reflecting on her past, she admitted that she had become too comfortable, almost forgetting that life’s unpredictability can strike at any moment. “Once life was going so well, I settled too well into that almost forgetting that you never know what’s around the next corner. That hit me hard,” she confessed. Twain revealed that the challenges she faced after her divorce should not have been so overwhelming, but her naivety about life’s ups and downs made them harder to endure. She acknowledged her tendency to put difficulties behind her too quickly, only to be caught off guard by future obstacles.

How Did Shania Twain Handle the Affair Scandal?

The affair between Lange and Marie-Anne Thiebaud, who was Twain’s close friend, shocked the country music icon. Twain and Lange, who had collaborated on several of her best-selling albums, split in 2008 amid the affair allegations. Twain shared that she and Frédéric Thiébaud, Marie-Anne’s ex-husband, were not particularly close before the scandal. Their relationship was limited to occasional weekend dinners, and they rarely interacted due to Frédéric’s demanding job. However, the shared experience of betrayal brought them closer together.

What Was Shania Twain’s Relationship with Frédéric Thiébaud Like Before the Scandal?

Before the scandal, Twain did not have a close relationship with Frédéric. She described him as someone who was around for weekend dinners but not an integral part of their daily lives. “I did not get close to Fred at all, we didn’t have each other’s numbers. He was not really part of our daily lives because he’s working these crazy hours,” Twain explained. It was primarily Lange and Frédéric who would chat during these gatherings. Twain’s bond with Frédéric only deepened after they both discovered the infidelity.

How Did Frédéric Thiébaud Help Shania Twain Heal?

Twain praised Frédéric for his thoughtful and gracious approach to dealing with the pain of their respective betrayals. Unlike Twain, who felt uncontrollably fragile, Frédéric managed the situation with remarkable composure. “He was so thoughtful about it all. … It was not cool with him, but he was smarter about it,” Twain noted. She found solace in Frédéric’s ability to navigate the emotional turmoil, which helped her feel less alone in her struggles. Their shared experience fostered a strong connection, eventually leading to their marriage.

What Lessons Did Shania Twain Learn from the Experience?

The affair and subsequent divorce taught Twain valuable lessons about trust and resilience. She admitted to feeling foolish for allowing herself to be so vulnerable, but she found comfort in the fact that even someone as intelligent as Frédéric was also blindsided. “Fred’s so smart. This is one of the smartest people I know [and] he didn’t know either. That helped me feel better. … Neither of us saw it coming,” Twain reflected. The experience made her realize the importance of maintaining a certain level of guardedness and not trusting too easily.

Is Shania Twain Still in Touch with Robert “Mutt” Lange and Marie-Anne Thiebaud?

Twain confirmed that Lange and Marie-Anne are still together, but she has no contact with them except when necessary for co-parenting their son, Eja, born in 2001. “I never have. I mean, Mutt and I parent well together — for people who don’t talk to each other,” Twain stated. Their communication is limited to text messages regarding their son, ensuring a drama-free co-parenting relationship. Twain emphasized that both she and Lange prioritize their son’s well-being above all else.

How Does Shania Twain Feel About Her Current Relationship?

Twain expressed deep gratitude for her relationship with Frédéric, describing him as the greatest man on the planet. She believes that everyone eventually gets what they deserve and feels fortunate to have found such a supportive partner. “I got what I deserve — I got the greatest man on the planet,” she concluded. Her journey from heartbreak to finding love again exemplifies her resilience and optimism.


Shania Twain’s reflections on her past relationships highlight her strength and ability to overcome significant personal challenges. Her candidness about the emotional impact of the affair and her subsequent healing process provides a glimpse into the life of a beloved music icon who continues to inspire with her resilience and grace.


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